Aug 312018
Posh blonde Amber Jayne masturbates in open-crotch pantie girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels for vintage flash at

Posh lady Amber Jayne masturbates in open-crotch pantie girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels for vintage flash at

Posh lady Amber Jayne went to a garden party dressed in her finest wide-brimmed hat, black satin dress, beautiful RHT nylon stockings, and patent leather stilettos. Feeling horny, she returned home where she stripped off her dress, bullet bra and nylon panties, then slotted her fingers up her sopping wet pussy and masturbated in her open-crotch pantie girdle.

At the garden party, Amber noticed some guys looking at her long legs in their black stockings and stiletto heels. Encouraged by their attention, she decided to tease them further, slipping off the heels and letting them playfully dangle from her toes.

‘Getting all that attention made me feel horny,’ Amber said, pulling up her satin dress and revealing the gleaming metal clasps of her suspenders affixed to the tops of her black nylon stockings. ‘I was crossing and uncrossing my legs under the table, feeling the damp nylon of my panties against my pussy.’

Amber opened legs to show the black sheer nylon crotch of her panties, layered over the opening in her pantie-girdle framing her shaved pussy.

‘I’ve been wondering all day, what it would feel like to rub my satin gloves over my pussy in these nylon panties,’ she said and put her hand between her stockinged thighs. ‘Oh, that feels so good,’ she sighed, enjoying the exquisite sensation of her gloved fingers massaging her pussy through her nylon panties and open-crotch girdle.

Amber stood and unzipped the back of the dress, allowing it swiftly drop to the floor and reveal her stunning figure encased in black sheer nylon bullet bra, tight-fitting pantie-girdle framing her pussy and elegant nylon stockings covering her shapely legs in their shiny leather heels.

‘Come on let us have a little play,’ she whispered seductively, slowly peeling the satin opera gloves off her hand one finger at a time. ‘I’d love to give you a foot wank.’

Amber slipped off her heels and sat back, opening her legs wide to show her girdled pussy.

‘I’d love to wrap my feet around your cock,’ she said, lifting her feet and bringing them together to form an arch between the soles. ‘I think it would be a good fit, don’t you?’ she smiled pleasurably, rubbing her feet together and curling back her toes in their erotic black nylon stockings.

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