Jul 272018
Mistress Red gives masturbation encouragement in stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Mistress Red strips off her sheer nylon panties and gives masturbation encouragement while she wanks in stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Red encourages you to wank your cock while she strips for your pleasure in black nylon panties, fully-fashioned nylons, and yellow leather stiletto heels. Laying back with her legs wide open she finger fucks her gaping cunt and encourages you to empty your balls at the same time as she reaches her climax.

‘The main thing I’ve heard is that you like to wank that cock.’ Mistress Red stood and posed in her black sheer nylon blouse, yellow pencil skirt and matching leather heels. ‘I believe in getting up close and personal, so get that cock out for me,’ she commanded and hitched up the skirt to reveal the shiny metal clasps of her suspenders attached to the deep black welts of her designer nylons.

‘I know how you like a nice pencil skirt and expensive nylons, just look at these black seams.’ Red turned to show the back of her legs in their fully-fashioned stockings. ‘Just listen to the nylon friction and imagine your cock trapped between those ample thighs,’ she said, her nylons making a soft swishing sound as she rubbed her thighs together.

‘Come on let me have a look at that cock, give it a wank while you look at my silky nylons.’ Red bent over and swayed as she unzipped the skirt and peeled it over her buttocks sheathed in the black sheer nylon of her panties. She let the skirt drop to the floor and stepped out of it, then turned to show the straps of her suspenders and stocking tops framing her hairy pussy behind the sheer nylon panties.

‘I was right about these panties being a little fetish of yours, aren’t they?’ Red stood with her legs apart and her hips thrust forward, rubbing her pussy through her nylon panties. ‘Well, they work for me too; the feel of all that tight nylon against my legs and pussy,’ she said, sitting down with her legs spread open, stroking her pussy through the crotch of her sheer nylon knickers.

‘Well, I’m getting all hot and bothered now, knowing you’re wanking your cock for me.’ Red turned her head and looked sideways, her lips curling into a seductive smile while she massaged her hot mature cunt through her panties. ‘Come on, wank that cock for me,’ she said urgently, gesturing with her hand and fingers curled as if stroking the shaft an erect cock. ‘Get a good grip on it now, I want you to empty your balls as you cum with me.’

Watch Mistress Red wank her pussy and give you masturbation encouragement

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