Jan 052018
Sophia Delane stripping and masturbating in nylon stockings and sexy high-heels at Vintage Flash

Horny Mistress Sophia Delane seduces in satin lingerie and masturbates in nylon stockings and sexy high-heels at Vintage Flash

Mistress Sophia Delane teases in her glamorous nylon negligee, black satin slip, seamed nylon stockings and sexy marabou mules. Entertaining on the bedroom couch, she strips off her bra and panties and encourages you to jerk off while she plays with her open fingered pussy and throbbing clitoris.

‘Of course, I put it on for you, I know you like me dressing sexy,’ Sophia stood by the dresser, picking up the folds of her diaphanous nylon negligee and swirling them around herself. ‘It’s making me feel very sexy, wearing this gorgeous satin slip,’ she said, sitting down on the couch and crossing one leg over the other she lifted one foot to display her fluffy heels. ‘Am I showing my stockings tops?’

Sophia gave a knowing look and pulled back the hem of the slip over her thighs, revealing the array of metal suspender-clasps attached to the tops of her black stockings.

‘You like my fully-fashioned stockings, don’t you?’ Sophia smiled with a naughty twinkle in her eyes and slid her hand over the exposed area of flesh between her thigh and top of her nylons. ‘You can’t keep your eyes off these sexy high-heels and the line running up the back of my nylons,’ she teased, drawing her hand over the contours of her calves and tracing the seam up her leg to the top of her stockings.

‘Look at the way the slinky material of this slip just glides over my arse,’ Sophia said, kneeling on the couch and caressing the smooth satin covering her shapely behind. ‘I bet you’d love to lift that lovely satin slip with your erection and investigate between my legs,’ she smiled cheekily, lifting the slip and sliding her fingers over the crotch of her black satin panties.

‘Do you want to start wanking your cock, for me?’ Sophia suggested, stripping off her negligee and sitting back on the couch with her legs open. ‘Go on, rub your hands up and down your hard shaft, while I caress these satin panties over my pussy,’ she said, closing her eyes and sighing softly as she began to masturbate with her hand massaging her cunt through the tight crotch of her sexy satin panties.

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