Dec 292017
Personal assistant stripteasing in lingerie, nylon stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash

Personal assistant Sophia Smith stripteases in lingerie, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash

Sophia responded to your advert in the classified section of the newspaper, which read: ‘Personal secretary or ‘prick assistant’ required. Stocking wearers need only apply.’ She thought it was a joke, but applied anyway and turned up for the interview looking immaculately dressed in a white blouse, pencil skirt, fully-fashioned stockings and stiletto heels.

‘So you really need someone to assist with prick related duties? I wasn’t really sure you meant it in the job advert.’ Sophia asked, sitting on the couch, looking perfect in her alluring long-sleeve blouse and skirt that framed her beautiful long legs in their nylons and designer heels.

‘Well, I was trying to get away from my former career as a stripper, but as it happens, I may be perfect for this role,’ Sophia looked thoughtful. ‘Perhaps I could show you a few of the skills that aren’t on my C.V.’ She smiled confidently, sitting up straight and sweeping her hands over her legs in their seductive nylons.

‘So, maybe you’d like to relax and undo your trousers because I’m sure we’re going to get to that part eventually,’ Sophia suggested, drawing back the hem of her skirt and caressing her thighs in their suspenders and stockings.

‘Now, if I was to get the job, I’d definitely be wearing stockings every day,’ Sophia said promisingly, drawing the skirt higher and revealing more of the cream colored satin suspenders, and shiny black tops of her nylons.

‘I can see your cock twinge every time I run my hand up my stocking clad legs,’ she smiled seductively, slowly drawing her hand along the length of her legs. ‘Maybe you should be stroking your cock while you watch me. Would you like a good view of the seams?’

Sophia stood and raised the skirt a little higher to show her legs in their seamed nylons and spiky stiletto heels. Lifting one leg off the floor, she rubbed it against the calve of the other, her stockings whispering softly as her nyloned legs brushed together.

‘I only, ever wear beautiful feminine lingerie,’ Sophia pronounced, undoing the front of her blouse and revealing her pretty, half-cup bra. ‘So, how about you get more relaxed and stroke your cock,’ she suggested, her fingers lightly caressing the cleavage between the cups of her bra. ‘And then if you’ve shot your load at the end of the interview, I get the job.’

Sophia Smith strips for your pleasure in lingerie, stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash


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