Dec 082017
Sophia Delane stripteases in open-bottom girdle, nylon stockings and sexy heels at Vintage Flash

Seductive Brunette Sophia Delane stripteases and masturbates in open-bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and sexy leather heels at Vintage Flash

Sophia arrives at the house to pay a visit to your sister, but she’d rather spend time with you alone. Dressed for seduction, she strips to reveal her vintage girdle and encourages you to wank your cock while she masturbates in her fully-fashioned nylons and heels.

‘OK, I didn’t come to see your sister, I came over to see you. I knew she was going out,’ Sophia admitted, sitting on the couch looking fabulous in her tight top and pencil skirt. ‘Why do you think I came to see you? Obviously, I find you attractive, do I have to spell it out?’ She sat forward and swayed her shoulders flirtatiously, drawing attention to her boobs jouncing behind the tight-fitting lace of her blouse.

‘How about if I was to tell you that I have no panties on?’ Sophia chuckled at her naughtiness and crossed one leg over the other, sitting sideways on the edge of the sofa seat. ‘No, I can’t show you straight away, that wouldn’t be much of a tease then, would it?’ she chided, pulling back the hem of her skirt to reveal the suspenders affixed to the tops of her fully-fashioned nylons.

Sophia lay back and pulled the skirt up higher, revealing the edge of her blue vintage girdle and extended her legs in their seamed stockings and stiletto heels.

‘Of course, I wore these stockings especially for you and this bum hugging skirt which shows off all my curves.’ Sophia turned to give a view of her shapely arse clad in the tight fitting material of her skirt. ‘Just look at those gorgeous fully-fashioned stockings leading all the way up my legs to my sexy girdle,’ she said, showing the long seam running up the back of her beautiful legs in their sexy nylon stockings.

‘So, are you going to tease me? I think you should get your cock out while I loosen my blouse.’ Sophia stood, unbuttoned the front of the blouse then stripped it off to reveal a white bullet-bra supporting her large boobs. ‘Come on, show me how hard that dick is for me? I just know I’m going to enjoy watching you give it a nice rub, whilst I play in my sexy outfit.’

Sophia unzipped the back of her skirt and pulled it over her shapely arse, letting it slide down her stockinged legs to the floor around her stiletto heels. Stepping out of the skirt, she stood with her feet set apart and bent over to show the curve of her fabulous buttocks in the stretchy elastane of her vintage girdle.

Watch Sophia Delane stripping in her seductive girdle, nylons and heels at Vintage Flash


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