Nov 282017
Tammie Lee stripteasing in fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Horny slut Tammie Lee stripteases and wanks her pussy in fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Tammie is dressed to go out for the evening but the sight of her legs in fully-fashioned stockings and sexy stilettos give you a hard-on! Tammie strips off and teases in her vintage underwear and masturbates with her stockinged legs wide open to help get you off!

‘Actually, I wasn’t going to tell you I was wearing fully-fashioned stockings until we got to the restaurant. Then you could have slipped your shoe off and ran your foot all the way up my legs because you like doing that, don’t you?’

Tammie stood, pulling up the hem of her dress and adjusting her stockings, then turning to give a view of her legs in their seamed stockings and stiletto heels.

‘Look at my gorgeous stockings and that seam running all the way up the back, nice aren’t they?’ Tammie bent over and the dress pulled tight around her arse as she ran her hand down her stockinged legs and caressed her ankle above the back of her snakeskin heels.

‘Oh, I can see your cock is getting very hard darling,’ she smiled somewhat amused and sat on the leather couch with her legs crossed over, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her stocking tops. ‘I’m a very bad girl, aren’t I? Let me bend over so you can take a look at my panties.’

Tammie turned and knelt on the couch, then pulled up the dress to show her arse sheathed the sheer nylon of her full-cut panties.

‘Sexy, see-through and very naughty, aren’t they?’ Tammie bounced up and down so the panties stretched around her buttocks and suspenders strained on her stocking tops. ‘You love it when I’m a filthy bitch, pushing my arse against your cock, don’t you?’

Reclining on the couch, Tammie pulled back her legs and slipped off her heels to show the soles of her feet in their fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

‘You like it when I wrap my feet around your cock and wank it, don’t you?’ Tammie placed her feet together and began moving them up and down as if she were stroking an erect cock between her stockinged soles. ‘I wank it fast and when you are going to cum I stop, then put my shoes back on because I’m such a naughty tease,’ she grinned and slipped her stilettos back on her stockinged feet.

Tammie stripped off the dress to uncover her white vintage lingerie, then sat with her legs wide open and felt her pussy through her sheer nylon panties.

‘Now have a good look at me while I take off my panties,’ Tammie said, stripping the panties from under herself and sliding them down her legs, leaving them stretched between her ankles.

‘Oh, look at that, gorgeous wet pussy!’ she exclaimed, opening her legs and spreading the pink lips of her juicy cunt, she slipped a finger inside and began to masturbate. ‘I’m a very naughty girl, aren’t I?’

Watch Tammie Lee teasing and wanking in her stockings and heels at Vintage Flash


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