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Danielle Maye stripteases in her black bra, suspenders and & RHT nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

High class lady Danielle Maye stripteases in her black bra, suspenders and & RHT nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

High-class lady Danielle is looking for an expert like you to help her choose her retro-style underwear while shopping in London’s high-class lingerie departments. You are granted an interview, where she strips down to her lingerie and stockings to show you her style. Noticing your excitement at seeing her is a state of undress, she takes things further and encourages you to wank your cock while she masturbates for your pleasure.

‘So you’re here because you want to be my shopping companion. Well, I think you’re quite brave, because I’m a lady of taste, I like the fine things in life – clothes, lingerie, stockings, and heels. I’m very particular and if you’re coming shopping with me you need to fully understand what I like.’

Danielle lifts up her skirt above her thighs, revealing black suspenders affixed to a beautiful pair of dark, deep top stockings. ‘Well, these are reinforced heel and toe, as you can see,’ she says, slipping off one heel to show the RHT foot of her nylon stockings.

‘Of course, I always enjoy vintage underwear, well take my bra for example,’ she continues, unbuttoning and opening the front of her blue satin blouse to display the black lace bullet bra around her ample breasts.

‘You like my bra do you? It fits my big breasts perfectly, doesn’t it?’ she says, scooping her hands around the bra and pressing her tits together inside the cups. ‘I only wear this type, and as for garters… I very much like deep-suspender belts. I’ll show you what I mean.’

Danielle pulls the skirt up higher to show her thighs, bounds by the taut straps of her garter-belt and their metal clasps attached to her nylons.

‘This is a four strap belt, but I don’t mind anything up to an eight strap, really.’ She turns to show her shapely ass sheathed in the black sheer nylon of her full-cut panties. ‘Oh, my panties? Yes, take a good look.’ She smiles, adjusting the waist of her panties and pulling them up tight around her buttocks. ‘I will only wear these type of panties and accept nothing different.’

Danielle sits on the arm of the sofa where she strips off her satin blouse, then removes her bra and frees her voluptuous titties.

‘Oh. I can see a very hard bulge in your pants. I know, it’s rude to waste a hard-on, isn’t it? I think we could have a lot of fun together, so let’s start right now,’ Danielle suggests, seductively caressing her boobs, uplifting and pressing the ample flesh together in her hands.

‘Why don’t you get out your cock; show me how big you are and give it a nice good stroke? I love watching a man stroking his big cock, getting it hard in his hand, jerking it off for me,’ she smiles naughtily, encouraging masturbation by moving her arm and gesturing with her hand as if wanking an erection in front of herself.

Watch high class lady Danielle striptease in her lingerie and stockings at Vintage Flash


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