Sep 292017
Bitchy boss stripteasing and giving masturbation encouragement in girdle, stockings and heels

Bitchy boss Tina Kay stripteases and give masturbation encouragement in her girdle, stockings and heels at Vintage Flash

Your bitchy boss Tina calls you into her office to have a word about your wanking activates on the firm’s time. Having giving you a dressing down, she decides to undress down to her underwear and orders you to wank in front of her while she masturbates with a dildo stuffed up her wet pussy.

‘How many wanking session have you had today?’ Tina said, astonished she had caught you wanking during lunch hour in front of everyone. ‘Did you not think I would catch you? Well I did, several times this week.’ She leaned forward and delivered her stern words of admonishment while pointing her finger, saying,’ You are a shameless, dirty wanker and in the workplace that is not acceptable.’

Tina drew back the hem of her skirt to reveal a glimpse of suspenders and stockings tops, then lifted her long legs onto the desk to deliberately display her shiny stiletto heels.

‘Well, I know you can’t help yourself, though I must say I couldn’t help but notice that big, long thick cock you have.’ She spoke more softly, making a show of caressing her shapely legs in their silky, tan nylons. ‘You know what? I may not sack you after all,’ she said, swivelling in the leather chair and pondering thoughtfully. ‘I may just keep you around only on one condition…. You drop your pants and show me how badly I turn you on, right now! Go on, take hold of that cock and stroke it, I want to see it get even bigger!’ she instructed, swinging her hand and arm back and forth in front of herself, fingers curled as if they were wrapped around the shaft of a big, erection.

Tina stood and unzipped the back of her dress, pulled it down and leaned forward to show her cleavage, grabbing and squeezing her tits through the cups of her black bra. She stripped the dress down her body to reveal her black, high-waist girdle and wiggled her ass as the dress dropped swiftly to the floor.

‘That pussy is so fucking wet, right now, ooh! Let me spread it wide open and show you my juicy pink pussy.’ Tina sat on the desktop with her legs wide apart, opening the lips of her cunt with her fingers to show the hot pink gash of her cunt glistening wetly with her flowing juices. She reached into the desk draw and found her purple vibrator, then put the end in her mouth and made it wet with her saliva.

‘So, I’m going to make you wank your cock, while you watch me pleasuring myself,’ Tina said, leaning back and inserting the dildo up her tight pussy. ‘Oh, that feels so good,’ she moaned, vigorously rubbing her clitoris while sliding the cock-like object right up her sticky fuck hole. ‘I bet your wondering just how good that pussy feels. I bet you wouldn’t last long inside me, you’d just explode. So no, you are not to cum until I tell you, understand!’ she instructed, a look of intense pleasure in her eyes as she rammed the dildo up her gaping, wet cunt.

Bitchy boss Tina gives masturbation encouragement in her stockings video at Vintage Flash


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