Sep 192017
Seductive French mature stripteases and masturbates in nylon panties, suspenders and black stockings

Seductive French mature Chloe stripteases and masturbates in her nylon panties, suspenders and black RHT stockings at Vintage Flash

All the way from Paris our sexy French mature Chloe is feeling rather horny and ready for some hot fun in the bedroom. Watch Chloe strip down to her vintage garter-belt, sheer nylon panties and French RHT nylon stockings, giving masturbation encouragement as she fingers her hairy wet pussy to climax.

‘Do you like it?’ Chloe smiled, pleased with her attire and gave a twirl in her sexy outfit – yellow crop top, tight pencil skirt, stockings and heels. ‘But you don’t know what I am wearing underneath,’ she said, with a hint of naughty promise in her voice. ‘I’m wearing something sexy, especially for you.’ She reached behind her back to undo the top and stripped it off to reveal a vintage, yellow bullet bra with lacy cups.

Chloe moved to sit on the edge of the bed in her bra, running her hands over her thighs wrapped in the tight material of her skirt.

‘You are getting horny watching me? Well, then I want you to start wanking your cock,’ Chloe said, her incredibly sexy French accent making the suggestion even more thrilling. ‘I could be anyone right now, in this pencil skirt. I could be your teacher, your secretary, your boss, anything you want,’ she said, encouraging the fantasy as she pulled up the hem of her skirt, revealing her white suspenders attached to the black stocking tops.

‘I am getting so horny laying on my bed and teasing you in this outfit.’ Chloe reclined and sprawled on the bed, opening her legs and running her hand over her pussy covered in the sheer nylon of her panties. She unzipped the the back of the skirt and pulled it down her gorgeous stockinged legs, then stripped it off over her stiletto heels.

‘I love wearing sexy, feminine lingerie.’ Chloe purred, running her hands over her body and admiring her vintage bra, garter-belt, sheer nylon panties and stockings. ‘I think this bra should come off, as well.’ she said, quickly removing the bra and caressing the smooth tanned flesh of her petite all natural breasts.

‘Now you should wank your cock faster, for me, while you look at my gorgeous long legs in their high heels,’ she said, laying back on the bed and crossing one leg over the other, gently sliding them together in a very sexy way. ‘You want to see what my pussy looks like, eh? It’s nice and hairy! I think I should play with myself, I’m feeling very horny now.’ Chloe said excitedly, opening her legs and pulling aside the crotch of her panties, she rubbed her fingers over the succulent lips of her gorgeous pussy as she began to masturbate openly.

Watch French Chloe masturbating in her black stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash


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