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Glamorous bimbo stripteases in girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and pink stilettos video at Vintage Flash

Glamorous bimbo Kate Anne strips down to her girdle, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and pink stilettos in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Kate Anne is excited to be invited back to your luxury apartment, ready to take her clothes off in exchange for the diamonds you’d promised to give her. She’s quite the bimbo, happy to let you watch while she strips down to her underwear, plays with her big natural boobs and masturbates for your pleasure.

‘So you promised if I take my clothes off, you’ll give me some diamonds, right?’ Kate-Anne asked, astounded she’d get some diamonds just for doing a striptease. ‘And that you’ll take me to the south of France for a drive in your Maserati?’ Kate almost unconsciously lifted her dress above her thigh, revealing just a glimpse of suspender and stockings top. ‘But you want me to show you my private parts?’ She paused thoughtfully, her bimbo mind turning over for a few seconds before concluding, ‘That’s such an amazing offer. OK, you’ve got a deal.’

Kate slipped the shoulders of her dress down her arms and lowered the top, revealing a white half-cup bra supporting her ample boobs.

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this, it’s so crazy, I’ve never done this before,’ Kate-Anne confessed, then turned and pulled the dress over her ass, clad in the tight elastane of her open-bottom girdle. ‘You know those diamonds will look great around my neck, won’t they?’ she said excitedly, stepping out of the dress and casting it to one side to stand and pose in her vintage underwear and fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Kate-Anne sat on the bed and teased out of her bra, holding the cups around her bosom before stripping it away and exposing her pendulous boobs.

‘So Mr. Diamond man, are you going to come and have fun with me then?’ Kate-Anne asked, laying sideways on the bed and pulled her legs close to her body to show her girdled bottom. She reached down to her ankle and slipped off one shoe, then extended her leg to show her foot sheathed in the reinforced nylon of her rare vintage stockings.

‘If I’m going to get naked and play with myself, I think you should too,’ Kate-Anne suggested, putting her hand between her thighs and rubbing the pouting lips of her shaved pussy. ‘I can see you’ve already got a big hard-on in your pants, and for a girl there’s nothing better than seeing a hard cock,’ she said, opening her legs and sliding a finger between the moist lips of her gaping cunt.

‘Oh, you’ve really got a big cock, haven’t you?’ Kate-Anne exclaimed delightedly and turned to kneel on the bed to expose her gaping pussy, framed by the edge of her girdle and suspenders, straining on the tops of her seamed nylon stockings. ‘Well, I’m going to play with myself now, while I watch you wanking your big cock,’ she smiled, a dreamy look of pleasure on her face as she swayed her girdled arse and stirred her sticky fingers up her tight, wet snatch.

Watch horny bimbo Kate-Anne masturbating in her girdle, stockings & stilettos at Vintage Flash


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