Aug 082017
Seductive blonde gives masturbation encouragement in garter-belt and nylon stockings

Seductive blonde Anna Belle gives masturbation encouragement in her garter-belt and fully-fashioned nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Having spent the day with the elegantly dressed Anne-Belle at a garden party, you invite her back to your place. Suggesting she is up for some sexy fun and games, she encourages you to wank your cock while she masturbates in her lingerie and stockings.

‘I saw the way you were looking at me today. I knew you wanted me and I want you too.’ Anna relaxed on the leather couch with one leg crossed over the other, the hem of her dress over her thigh, revealing a tantalizing glimpse of stocking top. ‘Now you have me here we could do something, if you want to? Shall we have some fun together?’ She smiled suggestively, reaching down to her ankle and slowly drawing both hands up her leg in their beautiful, fully-fashioned nylons.

‘I’ll give you a naughty striptease, if you promise you’ll get yourself off over me.’ Anna drew the dress further back over her thigh and caressed the metal clasps of her suspenders attached to her tan nylons. ‘I want you to get out your cock and start wanking it, like this,’ she gestured, flexing her wrist and hand as if she were stroking an erection. ‘That’s getting you turned on already, isn’t it?’ She smiled pleasurably, expressing sounds of arousal as motioned with her hand to keep on wanking.

Anna Belle unzipped the dress, stood and turned, allowing it to fall away and reveal the beautiful, white garter-belt and suspender straps that stretched over the curve of her ass cheeks. ‘Oh, I forgot to tell you; I’m not wearing any panties.’ She looked back and flashed a sexy grin, lightly slapping the smooth flesh of her exposed suspender clad buttocks. ‘There’s something about not wearing any panties that really turns me on.’

Anna Belle stripped off the dress and sat on the couch, removing her pretty white bra and juggling the mounds her petite breasts in her hands. She slipped off her slingback heels and rubbed her stockinged feet, then reclined with her legs open wide and stroked the soft hairs of her pubic bush.

‘Do you want to watch me playing with myself?’ Anna tilted her head back and sighed as she lightly massaged the juicy lips of her naked pussy. ‘I see that you are already hard for me,’ she smiled, as her fingers continued to circle over her swollen clitoris. ‘I want you to wank your cock, so that we both cum at the same time,’ she suggested, gesturing with her hand, fingers curled as if encircling the shaft of her big erection and wanking it off.

Watch Anna Belle stripteasing and giving masturbation encouragement at Vintage Flash


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