Jul 262017

Gorgeous blonde babe Daisy Destin masturbates with her vibrating wand in her sheer nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed4u

Stunning blonde babe Daisy Destin writhes on the bed in her pantyhose and gives herself multiple orgasms with her sexy toy in this outstanding pantyhose masturbation scene.

‘Let me show you more of these soft silky pantyhose.’ Daisy knelt on the bed and stripped off her dress, revealing her white bra and designer pantyhose. She hooked her thumbs into the waist of her hose and stretched them around her hips, turning to shows her firm ass cheeks encased in their tight layer of nylon hosiery.

Daisy stripped off the bra, revealing her beautiful all natural breasts and moved sensually as she caressed her shapely curves, hips and thighs. ‘I love the way they feel on my body and against my skin,’ she remarked, luxuriating in the sensation of her hands caressing her boobs, and ass sheathed in their erotic layer of nylon.

Daisy reclined against the pillows and pulled the pantyhose gusset up, tight around the crotch of her pussy. ‘These pantyhose against my pussy are a skin-tight, perfect fit,’ she said, gently writhing her hips to make the sheer hose stretch over the mound of her shaved cunt.

‘My long legs looks so good in these pantyhose.’ Daisy lifted her legs and held them together, drawing her hands over the smooth nylon covering her thighs and caressing pussy and bumhole thorough the sheer nylon of her delectable pantyhose.

‘These pantyhose are making my pussy so wet.’ Daisy whispered softly, sliding her hand down the inside of her hose and spreading her fingers over the supple lips of her moist pussy. She drew in her breath as her hand moved under the stretchy nylon, hips shaking with pleasure as she thrust her fingers between the gaping lips of her delicious, wet cunt.

Daisy spread her legs wide open and applied the head of the wand against her pussy; its vibration amplified by the sensation the nylon stretched over the smushed lips of labia. The sex toy sent waves of intense pleasure through the depths of her throbbing cunt, making her writhe on the bed in an orgy of intense sexual ecstasy as she endured an onslaught of multiple orgasms in her sexy, nylon hose.

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