Jul 052017
Roxy Mendez has a fun time ripping her black nylon pantyhose and masturbating with a vibrator

Party girl Roxy Mendez has a fun time ripping her black nylon pantyhose and masturbating with a vibrator in her latest video at Pantyhosed 4u

Roxy is off to a party, attired in her elegant evening dress, the outline of her curves so captivating under the tight fitting velvet. She stripteases down to her designer pantyhose, under which she is wearing some incredibly sexy satin panties. Watch as she rips open her hose until they are ruined, then fuck her pussy with a vibro in this hot scene.

Roxy posed in her evening dress, the low plunge neckline showing some cleavage; the side slit opening into a vee shape above at her thigh, framing her shapely legs in black pantyhose.

‘They do look a bit like stockings, don’t they?’ Roxy stood and lifted the side of the dress, drawing attention to the stocking top pattern that circled her thighs. ‘You like them? I really like them as well, they feel really nice.’ She smiled gratefully, caressing her thighs and displaying her shapely legs in hose and heels.

‘You want to see more? You’re really going to make me very late for the party.’ Easily encouraged, Roxy lifted the dress around her waist and turned to feel the cheeks of her gorgeous ass, sheathed in the black satin of her full-cut panties and sheer nylon of her sexy tights.

‘I think you’re getting turned on with me teasing you like this, I really should be going. Haven’t you seen enough? No? Well, I’m a big tease, so I suppose I could show you a little bit more.’

Roxy wiggled out of the dress and turned, her peachy breasts lightly bouncing as she gently swayed. She slipped her hand down the front of her hose and it moved against the stretchy nylon as she massaged her warm pussy through the damp crotch of her satin panties.

Roxy reclined in the leather armchair and slipped her hand down her pantyhose, pulling her panties aside and exposing her hot, juicy pussy. Her other hand pressed the sheer nylon of the crotch against the succulent lips of her cunt and she began to masturbate. Suddenly, her fingernail accidentally caught on the nylon and ripped a small hole in the front of her hose, giving her an idea.

Roxy continued ripping her hose, the nylon making popping sounds as her fingers broke through the delicate fabric and rent it apart. She forced her thumbs through the taut nylon screen and the fragile material of her hosiery ran in ladders along her thighs and down her legs.

Roxy turned and knelt in the chair, fingers clutching at the clingy nylon covering her rear end and ripping it open. The flesh of her buttocks burst through the expanding holes; the ravaged nylon spreading in spiderweb like ladders across the flesh of her fabulous tanned arse.

Watch party girl Roxy frigging her pussy in ripped nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u


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