Jun 232017

Horny blond Mistress Ashleigh stripteases in suspenders and stockings and talks dirty while she gives masturbation encouragement in her video at Vintage Flash

Having arrived for your appointment with blonde Mistress Ashleigh, she wastes no time telling you want she wants and talking filthy. She’s an expert at giving jerk-off instruction, encouraging you to masturbate while she spreads her stocking clad legs and fingers her pussy for your pleasure.]

‘Why don’t you get your cock out for me, I can see it’s already getting hard.’ Ashleigh stood in her living room, eager to get down to business. ‘I’m going to enjoy teasing you, while you get even harder and build up a nice load of spunk. But don’t think you will be coming anytime time soon, at least not before I come.’

Mistress Ashleigh sat down on the sofa and slowly pulled back the hem of her short skirt, giving a glimpse of black suspenders and tan stocking tops.

‘You getting turned on as I rub my stocking tops?’ She queried, her hands caressing her thighs, gently moving back and forth over the area of flesh above the welts of her tan nylons. ‘I love the feel of these stockings, they are so sexy. Just rubbing my hands over them has got my pussy all wet.’

Mistress Ashleigh drew attention to her boobs, pushing up her cleavage inside the bra, through the front of her sheer nylon blouse. ‘I know you can’t wait for me to lift up my skirt show you my panties underneath, but you are just going to have to wait. In the meantime, I want to to take hold of your cock and keep wanking.’ She teased, turning to kneel on the sofa and smoothing her hand over the material of her skirt, wrapped tight around her shapely ass.

‘I’m such a dirty bitch, making you wank all over me. You’re enjoying that, aren’t you. And now I’m going to be even more slutty and while you watch me strip, you are going to keep wanking.’

Mistress Ashleigh stripped off her sheer top and bra, then unzipped the back of the skirt and slipped it over red sheer nylon panties. ‘Go on, have a good wank over my arse, my panties are nice and see-through, aren’t they.’ She encouraged, bending further with her head down so the sheer nylon of her panties stretched tight around her buttocks.

Sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide, Mistress Ashleigh pulled aside the crotch of her panties and spreads the succulent lips of her juicy cunt. ‘Told you I was a dirty bitch, didn’t I. Hope you haven’t shot your load already, after opening up my pussy to you.’ She lifted her ass off the sofa and pulled her panties down so they we stretched around her thighs. ‘Ooh, that feels good,’ she drawled, massaging the taut nylon gusset against the gaping lips of her wet cunt, ‘I love sticking those panties into my wet pussy.’

Watch Mistress Ashleigh stripteasing and wanking in her nylon panties and stockings at Vintage Flash


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