May 162017

Glamour blonde Beth Bennett stripteases in her sheer nylon panties, white suspenders and fully-fashioned stockings at Vintage Flash

Lovely Beth is sitting in front of dressing table in her bedroom, looking especially gorgeous in her vintage attire – lace blouse, pencil skirt, seamed nylons and heels. She gets turned on being watched while stripping down to her underwear and masturbating on the bed with her favourite dildo.

‘Hi there! I didn’t hear you sneak into my room, you must have been extra quiet.’ Beth put the bottle of perfume down on the dresser table in front of which she was sitting in her skirt, stockings and peep toe heels. ‘But it’s nice see you’ve come over to spend some private time with me. I’ve dressed up special for the occasion in something fun, do you want to see?’

She got up from the seat and posed, turning to show her curves outlined by the tight fit of her blouse and ass hugging pencil skirt. ‘Got my little pencil skirt right here, it’s nice and tight, isn’t it?’ Beth leaned over the chair, gently swaying and pushing out her bottom so the material of her skirt wrapped tight around her buttocks.

‘I’ve got on my white lacy blouse; it’s kind of see-through, isn’t it?’ Beth stood upright and turned, drawing attention to her blouse and the white bra under the tight lace material. ‘It might be a bit too revealing to wear out in public, what do you think?’ She paused, her hands lightly touching her bust through the lace material. ‘We should save it for here? Well if you say so,’ Beth smiled agreeably, her eyes sparkling with naughtiness as she sat back down next to the dresser table.

‘I’ve also got on my white leather sandals, which I think they are really cute.’ Beth lifted and extended her leg, pointing her petite foot and stockinged toe in their sexy, strap-on heels. ‘And then my fully-fashioned stockings,’ she leaned forward, drawing her fingers over the contours of her leg, and sweeping her hands under the hem of her skirt to reveal the suspenders attached to the tops of her nylons.

Beth unbuttoned the front of her blouse to reveal a white lace bullet bra, strapped tightly over her shoulders and against boobs. She closed her eyes and a dreamy look came over her face as she because lost in the moment, enjoying the sensation of her hands caressing her cleavage and the pointed cups of her bra.

‘I’ve also got these white silky knickers on and they’re particularly see-through as well.’ Beth smiled saucily, opening her legs and placing her hand between her thighs; her panties framed by her suspender-straps and the tops of her stockings. ‘My hand just glides over them’, she gasped with sudden pleasure as her hand gently massaged her pussy through the sheer nylon crotch of her panties.

Watch glamorous blonde Beth Bennett masturbating in her suspenders and stockings at Vintage Flash


What our members are saying about Beth Bennett in this scene:

Thom*** says: Beth is becoming one of my favs. Would love to have those gorgeous legs wrapped around me. Spectacular VF !

Road*** says: It would be a dream come true to be able to run my tongue over Beth’s sumptuous body. Love how she spreads those gorgeous legs, spectacular masturbation scenes!

Style*** says: Look at her mouth as she enjoys her glass dildo foreplay, amazing.

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