May 102017

Seductive business lady Aston Wilde rips open her nylon pantyhose and masturbates to climax at Pantyhosed 4u

Smart business lady Aston certainly knows how to close a deal, dressed in black pantyhose and stiletto heels. Knowing her client he is a fan of ladies legs in nylon, she uses all her feminine wiles to get him to sign the lucrative contract.

‘So you like my pantyhose?’ Aston leaned back against the desk, noticing her client is looking at her legs. ‘They do look rather good on me don’t they?’ She smiled, looking down at her legs and lifting her foot to point the toe of her stiletto heel. She lifted her skirt and sat on the desk, opening her legs and sliding her hand over the gusset of her hose covering her pussy. ‘They feel really soft. I bet you’d like to come and stroke them, wouldn’t you?’

Aston unbuttoned the front of her jacket and stripped it off, revealing the shiny red, satin bra that contrasted against the paleness of her skin. Slipping the straps of the bra over her shoulders, she pulled down the cups to expose her milky white breasts and stripped the bra away. She swept her hands across her chest and uplifted the soft flesh of her boobs, her fingers circling over the nipples that stood out like erect stalks.

Aston unzipped the back of her skirt, eased it down over the cheeks of her pantyhose clad ass, and let it drop to the floor around her stiletto heels. She stepped out of the skirt and reclined in the leather chair with her legs open wide. ‘Playing with my pussy through my pantyhose is such a turn on,’ she moaned softly, closing her eyes as she focused on fondling her tits and massaging her pussy through the crotch of her hose.

Aston shifted position and knelt in the chair, sitting back on her heels so the round cheeks of her arse expanded inside the stretchy nylon covering her rear end.

‘I think these pantyhose need a good ripping, don’t you?’ She slipped both hands down the back of her hose, spread her palms and pushed them against the taut nylon screen. ‘Are you ready?’ Her fingers curled as the red nails broke through the nylon, hands tearing the delicate fabric and causing it to break into multiple ladders that spread across her buttocks. She turned to sit back down in the seat and continued clawing at the laddered fabric, stretching it wide open and exposing the smooth mound of her shaven pussy.

‘Come over here and wank over my pussy,’ Aston urged, hand moving rapidly with her fingers pressed against her clitoris as she masturbated. ‘Oh, fuck! That’s it, cum with me!’ She threw back her blonde head and her mouth opened wide, the depth of her pleasure expressed in a drawn out moan as she reached an intense climax in her ripped, nylon pantyhose.

Watch seductive business lady Aston Wilde masturbating in her ripped nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u

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