May 092017

MS Red strips down to her underwear and gives masturbation encouragement in suspenders, stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Red provides some old school masturbation encouragement while she stripteases in her fine lingerie and vintage nylons stockings. Just remember to address her as ma’am while she teases and instructs you to wank your cock.

‘Yes, well. I’m sure those balls must be feeling heavy,’ Red stood by the fireplace, looking imperiously over the rim of her glasses, arms crossed under her heavy bosom. ‘I mean, they must be weighed down with all that spunk! You certainly have been waiting a long time, haven’t you? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as ma’am is going to talk you off and make you wank to her explicit instructions.’

Red placed her hands around her hips, next to the broad belt around her waist; her pencil skirt clinging to her shapely thighs, legs in stockings and stiletto heels.

‘You have a good look at my tight skirt,’ Red turned to offer an appraisal of her shapely figure, her hands smoothing over the material wrapped around curve of her arse. ‘Yes, you’re always spying on me… Trying to see if you can tell what type of underwear or nylons I’m wearing. Well, you’re having a good look now, aren’t you?’

Red sat down in the leather chair and crossed one leg over the other, looking alert and ready to give instruction.

‘Is that cock throbbing?’ Red peered over the rim of her glasses, hand resting on her thigh as she leaned forward. ‘Yes, you might want to release the pressure in those trousers,’ she concluded, sitting back upright. ‘Unzip if you like,’ she suggested, adding the cautionary proviso, ‘but stay where you are. I’m going tease you first and if you are good, I may let you wank that cock right off and empty those balls.’

Red pulled back the hem of her skirt, giving a glimpse of her suspenders and sliding her hand over her thigh, down the top of her stocking. ‘Imagine your cock trapped between those nyloned legs,’ she said suggestively, crossing her legs and making the silky nylon of her stockings rasp while gently brushing them together.

‘Now, let me have a look at that cock.’ Red leaned forward, putting on her glasses for a quick inspection. ‘Come a little closer, that’s it… Your cock isn’t dribbling already, is it?’ Her eyes narrowed as she gazed intently. ‘Oh, yes. I see a bit of precum there,’ she sat back, looking pleased and removed her glasses. ‘We don’t want any accidents though,’ she admonished, pointing with her finger. ‘You can grip that cock and slide your hand up and down, but remember you are not allowed to cum.’

Red stood up and began to strip, undoing the wide belt around her waist. ‘That’s it, just grip it tightly,’ she commanded, gesturing with her hand to illustrate her instruction to masturbate. ‘I want to tease until you can’t stand it any more.’ She turned, reaching for the zip of her skirt, swaying her rear end as she pulled it down to reveal her fabulous arse, clad in sheer nylon panties.

Watch Ms Red giving jerk-off encouragement in her stockings and stilettos at Vintage Flash

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