Apr 112017

Sexy secretary Honour May strips off her sheer nylon panties and fantasizes in her lingerie and fully-fashioned nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Honour noticed an attractive new intern at the office where she works as a secretary of a fashion company. Arriving home, she finds relief by stripping down to her lingerie and fantasizing about the hot new office girl who caught her attention whilst giving an upskirt view of her stockings and panties.

‘I went into the to the office today, and there was this girl sitting there who I had not seen before, one of the new interns,’ Honour said, sitting on on the bed in her room in her glamorous dress, stockings and leopard print stiletto heels. ‘I saw her during lunch, sitting her legs wide open under at the table and noticed she was also wearing fully-fashioned stockings,’ she said, opening her legs to give a view up her dress at her panties and stocking tops. ‘I didn’t mean to look, but I could see that her pussy was on show. Her little panties were that thin, I could see everything. It was such a turn on, just the sight of her in those beautiful stockings and tight nylon panties. It was enough to drive any guy or girl wild.’

Honour knelt on the bed, unzipped her dress and stripped it off over her head, revealing her pink bra, sheer nylon panties and suspenders stretching all the way down her thighs to the tan tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘I must say, I think my arse looks phenomenal in these panties,’ Honour said, sitting back on her heels and tugging on the waist of her knickers so they stretched tight around her buttocks. ‘In fact, these panties are like those I saw that girl wearing, only hers were white and through which I could see the pink slit of her pussy. I’ve always fancied being with a younger women, just thinking about her now is turning me on.’

Honour stripped off her bra and lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide, her hand pressed against the crotch of her sheer nylon panties. ‘I do love how my clit feels through these panties,’ she said, rubbing her fingers against her pussy through the taut nylon of her knickers.

Honour shifted onto her side and teased her panties over her arse, leaving them stretched around her thighs. Then rolled onto her back and slid her panties down her stockinged legs to strip them over her stiletto heels. Holding her legs vertical and close together, she pulled the lips of her tight pussy wide apart and began to masturbate, jabbing several fingers in her wet hole then putting them to her mouth to taste her own juices.

‘Oh, I need this relief,’ she said, reclining against the pillows with her long hair spread behind her head, one hand grasping her breasts and the other plunging her fingers deep inside her gaping hole. ‘I want to cum so bad, just thinking about that girl showing me her panties,’ she sighed deeply, as she her hand massaged the supple lips of her pussy. ‘I want to rip those panties off her precious pussy,’ she sobbed, arching her back and thrusting her hips she reached an intense orgasm.

Watch secretary Honour masturbating in her lingerie, nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

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