Sep 022016
Pretty Blonde Lifts Her Skirt and Shows Her Black Suspenders and Stockings at Vintageflash

Pretty blonde Bad Dolly stripteases and masturbates in red satin panties, black suspenders and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

In Bad Dolly’s first video she exposed her pussy and masturbated for the very first time on camera. She still can’t believe she did all those naughty things and how horny it made her feel, so we invited her back for another striptease and pussy pleasing performance.

‘I hope you enjoyed my video earlier, I can’t believe that I opened my legs on camera like that, it felt so naughty,’ Dolly said, sitting on the red leather sofa in her black and white retro outfit, showing off her legs in black nylon stockings and designer stiletto heels. ‘All this retro-clothing and underwear makes me feel really horny, especially these nylon stockings that are like a second skin on my legs.

‘Today, I’m wearing this pencil-dress and some very beautiful vintage nylon point heel stockings,’ Dolly said, pulling back the hem of the dress to show the fancy tops of her nylons. ‘I’m also wearing some satin panties that feel so tight against my pussy, and a black garter-belt with six suspenders,’ she said, opening her legs to show her red satin knickers and pulling on the suspender straps so they tugged on the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Dolly stood and stripped off her dress to reveal the black bra supporting her ample breasts and squeezed her boobs through the lacy cups. She removed the bra and her all natural breasts bounced as she fondled and caressed the ample mounds of flesh in her hands.

‘I hope you are enjoying the view,’ Dolly said, kneeling on the leather sofa and posing pin-up style, kicking back her feet to show her shiny black and red stilettos. ‘Is your cock getting hard? I do like the thought of you touching yourself and jerking that dick for me.’ She changed position and opened her legs to pull aside the crotch of her panties and her fingers lightly stroked the short pubic hairs of her gorgeous pussy.

‘Why don’t you wank that cock of yours and cum all over my lovely vintage stockings,’ Dolly said encouragingly, then stripped off her satin knickers and knelt on the sofa to show her ass bound by the black suspenders stretching and straining on her seamed nylon stockings. ‘Or perhaps you’d prefer to cum over my hairy pussy, would you like that?’ She said, using both hands to spread her ass cheeks and expose the hairy mound and supple lips of her snatch. ‘I really am such a bad dolly, aren’t I?’

Watch Bad Dolly stripteasing and masturbating in her satin panties, black suspenders and stockings at Vintage Flash

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