Jul 122016
Busty Blonde Stripping In Black Bra, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings at Vintage Flash

Seductive blonde Beth teases in sexy outfit and masturbates to climax in her suspenders and seamed nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Busty blonde Beth invites us into her bedroom where she performs an enticing striptease and masturbates in suspenders and black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings for our pleasure in her latest video.

‘You’ve come to admire my sexy little outfit that I’ve got on today, haven’t you?’ Beth said, smiling as she sat upright and posed on the edge of the bed. ‘Do you like what you see? Let me give you a little twirl so you can appreciate it fully,’ she said, getting up to stand an turning to show off her shapely figure in white blouse, tight pencil skirt and sexy 5 inch, ankle strap heels.

‘Do you like heel’s?’ Beth asked inquisitively. ‘I love heels, particularly this pair, which are from an exclusive London manufacturer,’ Beth said, bending down to stroke her stockinged legs and run her fingers along the edge of the stiletto heel of her patent leather court shoes.

‘It is a very sexy outfit, isn’t it? In fact, this whole outfit makes me feel very sexy, and I love the way its clings to me in all the right places,’ Beth remarked, as her hands swept over her attire covering her shapely figure. ‘I bet you are curious to see what I’ve got on underneath, as well?’ Beth reclined on the bed to get more comfortable and pulled the skirt back over her thighs, revealing the tops of her stockings.

‘Well, this is a gorgeous silk, ruffle sleeved blouse I’m wearing, and it’s a bit sheer so you can see just a hint of my bra underneath,’ Beth remarked, lightly drawing her fingers over ruffled collar and the front of her blouse. ‘Then I’ve got on my figure hugging, pencil skirt. It’s nice, isn’t it?’ Beth stood again, one hand on hip as she turned on the spot, flaunting her fabulous ass in her tight-fitting, Burberry check skirt. ‘I bet you are curious to see what I’ve got on underneath, as well?’

Beth reclined on the bed once more, one leg crossed over the other and her hand moving up and down her legs, caressing her stockings as she continued to describe her outfit.

‘These French, fully-fashioned nylons feel absolutely amazing!’ Beth lifted her shapely legs and crossed them at the ankles to display her stiletto heels. ‘I love the feeling of these stockings encasing my legs and the sensation as stroke my fingertips over the nylon,’ she said, sliding her hand along the back of her seamed nylons, up to the flesh of her thighs and the crescents of her stocking tops.

‘Do they turn you on, my stockings?’ Beth shifted further onto the bed and crossed her legs, lightly drawing her fingers over her calves dressed in sheer nylon hosiery. ‘I thought the sight of my silky nylons would get you all excited,’ she smiled naughtily, her eyes sparkling with mischief and her luscious mouth gleaming in seductive red lipstick. ‘So, why don’t you pull out your cock and stroke it for me, while you admire my sexy outfit and the tops of my fully-fashioned nylon stockings.’

Watch seductive blonde Beth masturbating to climax in her suspenders and stockings video at Vintage Flash

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