Jun 242016
Samantha Bentley Poses In Sexy Bullet Bra, Open-Bottom Girdle and Nylon Stockings at Vintage Flash

Seductive lady Samantha Bentley strips and masturbates in her open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

Samantha is quite a traditionalist when it comes to wearing vintage attire and looking like a proper lady of the manor. But she secretly enjoys entertaining gentlemen at home and being watched as she gets naughty in her garters and in fully fashioned nylons…

‘I’ve have noticed the way you are looking at me, and that’s why today I thought I’d wear these fully-fashioned stockings and my open-bottom girdle holding them up,’ Samantha says, sitting upright on the couch and drawing back her tight skirt, revealing the metal clasps of her suspended firmly fixed to her stocking tops.

‘I bet you want to see what’s underneath, but I want to tease you first,’ she says, getting up to stand and lifting the back of her dress. ‘I just wish you could come over here and run you hands over my girdle as you slide your cock into my pussy from behind,’ she says, spreading the cheeks of her arse in an open invitation to use of her cunt for your own pleasure.

‘I love the feeling when I slide my hands inside my nylon stockings,’ Samantha says, slipping her hands under the tops of her nylon stockings. ‘I bet you’d love to slide your cock in there and feel the nylon rubbing against it as you jerk off in the stocking,’ she says suggestively, circling the palm of her hand over the warm flesh her thighs under the stretchy nylon around her thighs.

‘So take your cock out and get a firm grip on it, as I’m going to tell you exactly how to wank and when to cum,’ she says promisingly and unzips the back of her dress so it slides down her body, revealing a white bullet bra supporting her breasts and vintage girdle clinging to the curve of her arse.

Samantha reclines on the sofa and slips off her heels, spreading her legs to give a view of her pussy framed by her open-bottom girdle. ‘My pussy is getting wetter watching you jerk you big, hard cock,’ she says, running her fingers along the curved soles of her feet and flexing her toes so they point inside the close-fitted nylon of her hosiery.

‘I know you like that sound of my nylon stockings rubbing together,’ Samantha says, her stockings making a swishing sound as she cycles her legs and pumps her feet mid air. ‘I want to wrap my feet around your cock and slide them up and down the shaft, so you can feel the nylon as I jerk you off,’ she remarks, pressing the soles together and simulating the action of her feet wanking your big, hard cock.

Watch seductive lady Samantha Bentley masturbating in her open-bottom girdle and fully-fashioned nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

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