May 102016
Samantha Bentley In Black Lace Bra, Open-Bottom Girdle, Nylon Stockings and Stilettos at Vintage Flash

Stockings mistress Samantha Bentley stripteases and masturbates in her open-bottom girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

Mistress Bentley needs an personal assistant and you are summoned to be interviewed by her personally. She requires someone to worship her shapely legs in fully-fashioned nylon stockings and feet in their 6″ stiletto heels. Can you live up to her expectations?

‘Oh, there here you are finally, don’t be meek and stand in the doorway, come on in,’ Sam says, beckoning you into her elegant room for your interview and inviting you to sit opposite. ‘So, you’re here for the position,’ she continues, sitting upright in her chair with one leg crossed over the other, her fingertips lightly caressing her stockinged legs. ‘I’d heard all about your fetishes, so I advertised this position as I knew you’d reply. Basically, I want you to worship me in my stockings and heels,’ she says, lifting and extending her nylon clad leg to bring her stiletto heels into view for your appreciation.

‘I know you like a girl who wears exclusive hand made, leather stiletto heels,’ Samantha says, lifting her foot and reaching forward to caress her designer suede shoes. ‘The way I hang my custom heels off my toes, so you can see the reinforced heel of the nylon stocking hugging the ankle,’ she says and slips off her shoe to let it dangle from her pretty stockinged foot. ‘And of course, French fully-fashioned nylon stockings and the seam that runs all the way up the back of the leg, right up to my arse,’ she adds, drawing her finger along the seam running up back of her long leg dressed in sensational nylon hosiery.

Samantha pulls back the hem of her dress and slides her hands under the tops of her stockings; her manicured and painted fingers clawing at the soft flesh her thighs. ‘Oh, look I’m not wearing any panties and my open-bottom girdle allows you to see my tight, wet pussy,’ she says in mock surprise, opening her legs and revealing the supple lips of her shaved cunt framed by the her thighs, suspenders and stockings.

‘I can see there’s a bulge in your pants, so why don’t you get your cock out and start this worship,’ she suggests, as her fingers circle over the trimmed pubic hair on the mound of her naked pussy. ‘I want to see how excited you get by watching my hands running up and down my legs, stroking the nylon of my fully-fashioned stockings.’

Watch stockings mistress Samantha Bentley masturbating in her open-bottom girdle, fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

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