Apr 012016
Roxy Mendez In Frilly Knickers, French Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings and Heels at VintageFlash

Roxy Mendez teases and masturbates in her frilly knickers, 60’s garter-belt, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

Roxy Mendez had just returned from a party where saw hoped to pick up a guy for some sexy fun but had no luck. The guests were very boring married couples and not even her loose fitting short dress, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and open toe, slingback heels attracted the sort of attention she craved.

Sitting on the leather sofa wondering what to do with herself she teased back the hem of her dress, revealing her suspenders and metal clasps attached to the banded tops of her seamed nylon stockings. ‘They are very sexy aren’t they and look very good on my legs,’ she said, admiring how attractive her legs looked and making a show of adjusting her stockings and straitening up the tops around her thighs.

Roxy stood and lifted up the back of her dress to reveal the frilly lace fringe at the back her sheer panties that looked so sexy above the curve of her bum. ‘These are really nice panties aren’t they,’ she remarked, looking over her shoulder with a cheeky smile as she pushed out her bum so the panties stretched tight around the curve of her buttocks.

Roxy turned and lifted the dress above her waist to show the magnolia colored, vintage garter-belt, framing her neatly trimmed pussy under the sheer nylon of her panties. Stripping off the dress she placed her hands under the conical cups of her black vintage bra that held her boobs firmly in place and caressed her body, enjoying the contrasting sensation of lingerie and naked flesh.

‘Yes they are very see-through and naughty, is that teasing you?’ Roxy said, now sitting on the sofa with her legs spread open, she ran her finger over the thin line of pubic hair that showed through the front of her knickers. Slipping the straps of her bra over her shoulders, she pushed her tits together inside the loose fitting the cups before stripping the garment away from her chest and fully exposing her pendulous boobs.

Roxy stood and slowly stripped her panties over her arse, bending over as she slipped them down her legs in their black seamed stockings to leave them stretched between her ankles. Then she leaned over the arm of the sofa and sliding her hand between her thighs she massaged the gaping lips of her hot pussy as she began to masturbate.

See Roxy Mendez teasing and masturbating in her frilly knickers, garter-belt, black nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash

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