Feb 232016
Holly Kiss Showing Her Tits and Posing In Red Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings at VintageFlash

Strict Miss Holly Kiss the school governess teaches you a lesson while stripteasing in her red suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and sexy heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

VF school governess Miss Holly is absolutely appalled at your inappropriate behavior, especially as she has spoken about this before on numerous occasions. She’s received complaints from all the female staff you have been following around, and since nothing has changed since she last gave you a reprimand, feels she needs to discuss this matter further in private.

‘Now, we do have certain standards at our school and the attire I ask our female staff to wear is appropriate, as I like to see them looking well groomed,’ Ms Holly says, sitting alert on her couch, hands resting on her dress knee, the lower half of her legs showing nylon stockings and heels. ‘But it seems you have taken a liking to what they are wearing,’ she continues, ‘and they can’t go anywhere without you leering at their legs in stockings and heels.

Ms Holly pauses momentarily, resting her chin on the back of her hand and looking thoughtful before continuing her reprimand.

‘Now, I haven’t quite seen what you’ve been doing myself, though I have heard details from the female staff, and as your behavior is interfering with the running of the school, I have to do something about it,’ Holly says, sounding firm and decisive. ‘The thing is, you are trying to rub your cock against their stockings, aren’t you!’ she says accusingly, uttering the words which accurately describe your lecherous behavior.

‘So what is getting you so turned on?’ Holly inquires, her voice sounding quizzical. ‘Is it just the seamed stockings, running nicely all the way up to the thigh?’ Suddenly she stands and lifts her dress to run her fingers up the back of her stockinged leg. ‘Is it that beautiful stitching? The sheer nylon fabric? Or is it the sexy underwear, you most definitely know I’ll be wearing?’ she wonders, and sitting once more she casually opens her legs to give a view of the sheer nylon panties and adjusts the metal clasps of her suspenders and stocking tops.

‘Perhaps it’s the hourglass figure and that nice bottom clad in sheer nylon panties?’ Holly asks curiously as she kneels, pulling up the back of her dress to reveal her ass sheathed in black nylon. ‘Nice, high-waist panties, pulled up tight around the cheeks,’ she says, caressing her ass through the sheer nylon covering her firm round buttocks. ‘Or is it the fact that when you run you hands over the stockings they feel silky smooth, so much so you love to rub your cock all the way up them?’

Holly decides she needs to see for herself how turned on you get at the sight of women in their underwear. So unzipping the back of her dress, she allows it to slide down her body to the floor and stepping out of it, turns to stand over you in her lingerie and heels.

‘Well, I can see from the bulge in the front of you trousers, that this is turning you on,’ Holly says, noticing your apparent excitement. ‘So, I think if I’m going to be losing items of clothing, then you should unzip your trousers and show me exactly what you are hiding in there.’

See strict Miss Holly stripteasing in her red lingerie, sheer panties and nylon stockings in this photo-set and video – ‘The VF Governess’ at Vintage Flash

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