Feb 092016
Sexy Commanding Female Officer In Uniform, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings Video at VintageFlash

Commanding female officer Danielle stripteases out of her uniform and masturbates in her lingerie and nylon stockings and video at Vintage Flash

Your commanding officer Danielle has called you into her office to address your behavior. Having been caught acting inappropriately towards the female officers at the naval academy, she wants to teach you a lesson. Of course, having an attractive female commanding officer who wears vintage lingerie, fully-fashioned nylons and heels is hard to ignore.

‘We don’t tolerate behavior like yours and the attitude you have’, Danielle says haughtily as she stands over you dressed in her uniform, hands on hips, her stockinged legs in line of sight. ‘I understand you have needs, and that there are a lot of sexy women who work here, but that doesn’t give you the right to get turned on and wank your cock over them,’ she admonishes, seating herself on the top of her desk and bringing attention to her legs in their seamed nylons and stiletto heels.

‘I’ve been doing some spying of my own and have seen you wanking, if you can call it that,’ Danielle says mockingly, poised on her desk with her skirt parted over her thigh; deliberately revealing the tops of her stockings to get your attention. ‘For your punishment, I want you to drop you pants right now and masturbate for me,’ she commands, sliding her hand seductively over her knee and caressing her stockinged leg. ‘You really need to stroke that cock, so go on get it out and show it to me, I haven’t got all day!’

Danielle takes off her jacket and sits with her legs open, showing the sheer nylon of her panties around her crotch. ‘Did you catch a glimpse of my vintage see-through panties?’ she queries, and opening her legs wider she runs her fingers over the soft, sheer nylon covering her pussy. ‘You’d love to see me in my office stripped down to just my underwear and stockings, wouldn’t you?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘I bet that would really get you hard!’

Danielle strips off her blouse and skirt, revealing a black, see-through bullet bra, sheer nylon panties and six-strap, suspender-belt attached to brown, fully-fashioned nylon stockings. Releasing the catch of her bra, she teasingly holds the loose cups over her boobs, then strips it away and massages the mounds of voluptuous flesh in her hands.

‘Would you like to watch me play with my pussy,’ Danielle says, sliding her hand down the front of her panties and giving her pussy a rub. ‘Are you sure you are ready? I don’t want you to cum to soon,’ she chides, bending over to pull her black nylon panties down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings, right to her shiny patent leather heels.

Watch dominant female Danielle striptease out of her uniform and masturbate in her fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels video at Vintage Flash


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