May 152015
Busty Brunette Mistress Smoking In Black Lingerie, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At Vintage Flash

Leggy brunette mistress Sophie Parker teases and masturbates in her black basque and nylon stockings video at Vintage Flash

‘When you come to someone as high-class and expensive as me, time and money is everything,’ Mistress Sophie says, a sultry look on her face as she stands by the mantelpiece smoking a cigarette, dressed in her leopardskin coat, black basque stockings and heels. ‘Do you know how much my time costs, and how expensive I am?’ she pauses to draw on her cigarette, then releases a stream of smoke from her sensual mouth. ‘You’ll be billed for that!’, she adds, making her point.

‘Today, your visit will consist of me, teasing you in my stockings and heels, while I tell you what to do, as I like to be in control of a man,’ Sophie says, defining the rules, just so you know your place. ‘Of course there will be no touching me, but you can watch and play with yourself, do you understand?’

Sophie sits on the dressing table chair and extends her legs to give you a close up view of her designer leather heels. ‘So you like ladies in expensive stockings and shoes, do you? she asks, slipping off her heels and sliding her finger under the soles to massage her stockinged feet. ‘Can you see what I’m, wearing right now? Fully-fashioned, nylon stockings. Look at how expensive they are, just like me! You won’t meet many ladies who will go to the effort of wearing these for your pleasure.’

Stripping off her fur coat she climbs onto the bed and kneels, suggesting you take a good look at her ass in sheer nylon panties, and the black suspenders attached to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings. She then lays back and extends her legs to show the reinforced soles of her black nylon stockings encasing her feet as she rubs them together.

‘I don’t want you to do anything yet, just look at what’s on offer right now,’ she says, reclining on the bed with her tits peeking over the cups of her satin basque, while she strokes the cheeks of her fabulous arse. ‘Now you may unzip and start rubbing yourself,’ she suggests, slipping her hand down the front of her panties and spreading the lips of her pussy wide open to show the pink flesh of her gaping cunt through the sheer nylon of the crotch. ‘Wank your cock, just gently up and down, not too fast, because I don’t want you to cum until I tell you.’

Sophie stands and hooks her thumbs into the waist of her knickers, then bends over as she slowly teases them over her shapely ass, and draws them down her legs until they are stretched around her ankles. ‘That’s it wank yourself, a little bit faster now,’ she says, as her fingers rub her clitoris and spread the lips of her cunt wide open to show the pink flesh glistening wetly with her juices.

See Mistress Sophie teasing and masturbating in her black basque, suspenders and nylon stockings in this (171 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

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