May 052015
Dirty Secretary Masturbating In The Office In Black Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Heels at Vintage Flash

Secretary Natalia Forrest talks to a dirty phone caller and masturbates in the office in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at Vintage Flash

Secretary Natalia receives a phone call from a client, who wants to know if she is wearing her black fully-fashioned nylons and designer heels. A little surprised at first, she soon gets turned and stays on the line to masturbate while she listens to him talking dirty.

‘So, what are you doing exactly?’ Natalia asks, a little flustered but intrigued by the sound of the caller breathing heavily down the phone. ‘Really! You are wanking with both hands around your cock, it’s that big,’ she gasps, somewhat astonished at the size of his big member, the thought of which makes her feel even more excited.

Natalia plays along and describes what she’s wearing, running her hands over her extended legs in their black, fully-fashioned stockings and Louboutin stiletto heels. Slipping her hand up her skirt, she caresses the metal clasps of her suspenders attached to her stockings, then begins rubbing the moist slit of her pussy as she continues their phone sex conversation.

‘What’s that, you say, you want to cum?’ Natalia asks, getting all hot an bothered just knowing the dirty caller is wanking off his enormous cock. ‘Well not just yet,’ she adds and begins to hastily strip off her blouse, revealing her lacy black bra. ‘Because, all this is starting to make me feel rather horny, and I want to have a little play with myself too, while you wank that hard cock of yours!’

Unzipping her dogtooth pencil skirt, she lets it fall down her legs to the floor, revealing her tanned buttocks bounded by her black lace suspender belt and the taut suspenders attached to her stockings.

‘Now, I’m standing here and imagining you are ready to fuck me over my desk,’ Natalia continues, while stripping off her bra to get more comfortable. ‘Go on, keep talking dirty to me, let me bend over in my favorite position and imagine you fucking me from behind in my beautiful vintage stockings,’ she adds, leaning over the desk and swaying her ass as she stands in her heels with her legs apart, whilst running her hands over the naked flesh of her hot buttocks.

Natalia pauses to reach into the side draw of her desk to find her favorite vibrator, then sits with her legs spread open and inserts the object between the lips of her shaved cunt. Her hand moves quickly as she thrusts the vibrator up her fuck hole, making it nice and wet, gasping with intense pleasure as she climaxes while listening to the caller talking dirty and wanking on the other end of the phone.

See secretary Natalia masturbating in the office in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels in this (182 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

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