Nov 182014
Horny Blonde Panties Stretched Around Her Legs In Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Swinging sixties girl Amber Jay strips off her lacy dress and masturbates in her sexy suspenders, tan nylon stockings and heels at Vintage Flash

If you love to watch girls showing off their legs in fully-fashioned nylon stockings you are in for a treat, as Amber Jay puts on a naughty show for you in this video…

Flaunting herself in a gorgeous lace dress and tight fitting belt, she sits on the sofa and extends her legs, while caressing her tan nylon stockings and drawing attention to her white stiletto heels. ‘I love seamed stockings and these fit like a glove and feel so smooth against my legs,’ she says, tracing her fingers over the seam along that back of her leg  up to her thigh, where she adjusts the tops of her nylons.

Amber strips off her dress to reveal she is wearing a beautiful, delicate lace basque and under wired bra cups that barely cover the flesh of her thrusting her boobs. Uplifting and massaging her voluptuous tits in the palms of her hands, she tweaks and rolls the nipples between her fingers which makes her moan with sexual pleasure.

Kneeling on the sofa, she presents her arse to show the back of her pantie thong cutting between the hemispheres of her buttocks; the material stretching tight over the her anus and around the mound of her pussy between her thighs. She then sits back and spreads her legs wide apart and slips her hand down the front of her panties, moving it under the sheer nylon as she slides her fingers over the moist lips of her hot, wet cunt.

Encouraging you to come and join her in having a ‘little play’, she hooks her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and rolls them over the cheeks of her peachy arse, leaving them stretched tight around her thighs and the tops of her stockings. ‘How do you like it from behind?’ Jay asks, giving her arse a slap, then presses her hand against the moist lips of her hot cunt as she begins to masturbate in her tight suspenders and seamed nylon stockings.

See swinging sixties girl Amber Jay masturbating in her suspenders, tan nylon stockings and heels in this (190 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

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