Sep 192014
Chelsea French In White Suspenders and Tan Seamed Nylon Stockings At Vintageflash

Stunning brunette Chelsea French gets frisky in her boudoir and masturbates in pink suspenders and tan nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Stunning brunette Chelsea likes to spend some quality time in her boudoir, pampering her pussy while dressed in expensive lingerie, finest nylon stockings and sexy heels. Join her now and watch as she strips down to her underwear and shows you how she likes to masturbate…

Chelsea poses in front of the mirror and admires how divine she looks, dressed in her white lacy shawl, pink lingerie and tan nylon stockings. Feeling very feminine in her erotic underthings, she caresses the nakedness of her belly and cups the cones of her vintage pink satin, bullet bra in her hands.

Kneeling on the bed, she slips the thin straps of her bra over her shoulders and brushes her fingers against the flesh of her pert, brown nipples. Pushing her hand down the front of her white panties, it moves under the stretchy, sheer nylon, as she rubs the slit of her hot pussy with her fingers.

‘Getting my legs right up in the air, I’d love to feel those hands of yours running along my sexy stockings,’ Chelsea says, laying on her back, flaunting her shapely legs in their seamed nylons and open-toed heels. Drawing both of her hands down the back of her extended legs, she rubs her ankles together, causing her suspenders to pull taut on the tops of her fully-fashioned stockings.

Chelsea slips off her heels, letting them dangle from her feet and toes in their layer of tan nylon, before taking them off and hooking her thumbs into the waist of her panties. Lifting her arse off the bed, she draws her panties from under her buttocks and down her legs, leaving them stretched tight around her ankles as she points her feet and stockinged toes.

Reclining with her legs pulled back against her chest, she exposes her pussy and the puckered ring of her arse, all nicely framed by the webbing of her vintage garter-belt. ‘I hope you’re enjoying watching me play with my pussy in my sexy stockings and suspenders,’ Chelsea says, sliding her fingers over the parted lips of her juicy cunt and vigorously rubbing her clit as she frigs herself off to climax in her vintage lingerie.

See Chelsea French masturbating in her suspenders and stockings in this (182 images) photo-set and video – ‘Sheer and Chic’ at Vintage Flash

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