May 092014
Sexy Nurse Does Private Striptease In White Stockings and Red Lingerie Video At Vintage Flash

Nurse Michelle performs a private striptease for you in her red lingerie, white nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

After looking after her patients in hospital, Nurse Michelle often selects those with ‘special needs’ to look after at home. ‘Special needs’ may equate to having a very attractive endowment that she’d like to massage and relieve of it’s stiffness, in her own very ‘hands on’ way!

When Nurse Michelle pays you a home visit, you’ll be excited to notice she’s still wearing her rather fetching nurses uniform and special issue, white fully-fashioned nylons and stiletto heels. All you have to do is allow your excitement to come to her attention and she will rapidly assist you on the road to a full discharge of your aching, throbbing member!

Nurse Michelle knows how frustrated you have been during your stay in hospital, with nothing to do but watch all of those pretty student nurses in their crisp uniforms, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels. Oh, the agony of watching them bending over to make the beds and catching a glimpse of their stocking tops, just under the hem of their tunics, it’s enough to drive a man crazy!

To get you all warmed up, Michelle starts by lifting her white uniform and teasing you with a sexy wiggle of her bum in red, sheer nylon panties. Then turns around to give a glimpse of her pussy through the front of her panties, framed by the black suspenders of her garter-belt, attached to the tops of her white nylon stockings.

Stripping off her uniform, she gets on the bed so you get a close-up view, as she slides her silver vibrator down her panties and massages her pussy with the buzzing sex toy pressed hard against her clitoris. Then kneeling so her arse is near your face, she teases her knickers over her buttocks and exposes the juicy lips of her hot cunt, so close you can smell the scent of her aroused sex.

Nurse Michelle strips off her panties and puts them up to her face to breathe in the scent of her pussy, then gives them to you as a souvenir to play with, while you have a wank. She kneels on the bed with her arse tilted up, spreading the lips of her cunt to show the glistening wet juices inside the pink walls of her vagina. She presses her fingers against her cunt and circles them over her throbbing clit, openly masturbating in front of you as she climaxes in her sexy suspenders, stockings and stiletto heels.

See Nurse Michelle stripteasing and masturbating in her red lingerie and white nylon stockings in this (231 images) photo set and video – ‘Nurse On Call’ at Vintage Flash

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