Jun 032010


Sasha has been caught smoking and sent to wait in the classroom for teacher to come and deal out the punishment.

She’s a bit bored and restless waiting for the teacher to arrive, and looking for a distraction she chats to us instead.

‘Do you like my new shoes’, she asks gently rubbing her nylon covered calves. ‘I think they make my legs look extra long and sexy, don’t you?’

‘I’ve got these lovely stockings to match as well’, she says as she adjusts her stocking tops and smooths her hands along the length of her leg. ‘Hmm, I know they look good!’

Slipping one hand under the top of her stocking she feels the soft flesh of her tanned thigh, making the white suspenders briefly pull at the nylon welt.

‘I’m normally such a good girl. It’s only when I’m on my own that I’m naughty!’

Sasha shows us what she means and sits on the edge of the desk, opens her stockinged legs and rubs her pussy through the soft see-through panties.

Then seductively removing her uniform, she slowly peels off her panties and slips them down her slim, fully-fashioned nylon sheathed legs, and encourages us to play along with her as she masturbates her moist hole.

Enjoy spending time with Sasha in the classroom watching her striptease down to her stockings and suspenders,  then cum with her as she fingers her pussy in ‘Punishment or Pleasure?’ here at VF Academy.

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