Mar 072014
Horny Housewife Masturbates In Seamed Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings and Shiny Stiletto Heels At Vintageflash

Tammy Lee gets pleasure by rubbing her legs together as she masturbates in her fully-fashioned nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage-Flash

Tammy was going out for the evening with a gentleman who appreciates ladies who dress in vintage style, so she decided to wear a flared blouse, pencil skirt, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels.

‘Oh, hello, you’ve just caught me before I go out,’ Tammy said, standing by the bedside and arranging some fresh flowers in a vase. ‘These were bought for me by my gentleman friend and sent with a little note that said, “don’t forget to wear your nylons this evening”, naughty man!’

With her back turned to me as she arranged the flowers, I had a great view of her fabulous arse in that tight fitting skirt and the sexy black seamed of her stockings running up the back of her legs.

‘You’re interested in my nylons and what I’m wearing under my skirt, are you?’ Tammy said, as she turned and noticed I was admiring the view and ogling her legs in their hosiery and stiletto heels. ‘Aren’t they just divine?’ She remarked, ‘they are your favorite fully-fashioned, seamed nylon stockings.’

Tammy lay on the bed and slipped off one of her heels so it dangled from her toes, then extended her leg to show me the reinforced heel and the black seam running under the sole of her sexy stockinged feet.

‘Now I think, I should slip my heels off and rub my feet together, so you can listen to the noise it makes,’ she said, and removing her shoes she brushed one foot against the other so they whispered with the sound of nylon on nylon. ‘Do you like what you see, you very bad boy.’

Tammy removed her blouse to show she was wearing a vintage, pink lacy bra underneath then unzipped her skirt and pulled it over her arse to reveal a pink suspender belt attached to the tops of her seamed nylons.

‘If you are a very good boy, I’m going to make you wank right in front of me whilst I rub my feet and my legs together in my fully-fashioned nylon stockings,’ Tammy whispered, as she lay down on the bed and slipped off her heels to get more comfortable.

‘Oh, listen to that, it’s just so sexy,’ she sighed pleasurably, as she rubbed her shapely legs and feet together and listened to the crackling, static sound of her nylon stockings. ‘I love it when you wank in front of me, so undo your trousers and start wanking at the sound of my nylons rubbing together.’

See Tammy Lee teasing and masturbating in her sexy lingerie and full-fashioned nylons in this (149 images) photo set and video – ‘Rubbing My Sexy Stockings’ at Vintage Flash

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