Jan 082014
Horny Blonde Slut In Ripped Nylon Pantyhose Masturbating With Vibrator Up Her Cunt At Pantyhosed4u

Dirty bitch Bianca rips open her sheer nylon pantyhose and masturbates to climax in her latest video at pantyhosed 4u

Bianca looked very elegant in her tight clingy dress as she stood posing in the living room and seductively ran her hands over the contours of her slender figure.

‘I’m wearing my favorite pair of nylon tights as well and you can see right through them, they are so sheer and glossy,’ Bianca said, as she sat and caressed her legs and ankles in their smooth and silky nylon hose, adding, ‘It feels all tingly, just running my fingers up and down my legs.’

Bianca leaned back a little, opening her legs to give an view up her dress of the opaque oval of her pantyhose gusset, stretched tight over the area of her pussy. ‘It does feel good rubbing my hand over my pantyhose and feeling the wetness of my pussy seeping through,’ she said, as her fingers stroked her cunt through the tight nylon of her pantyhose crotch.

Unzipping the front of her dress, she removed her bra and squeezed her mature tits firmly in her hands, pulling on the nipples with her fingers and twisting them around. She then put her hand down the front of her tights and pushed several fingers between the lips of her hot cunt, slipping them in and out of her juicy pantyhosed snatch as she masturbated.

‘I love the sound, when I dig my nails into my pantyhose and feel the ripping nylon against the skin,’ Bianca said, her fingers stretching and pulling on the delicate fabric of her pantyhose, causing ladders to run all the way down her slender, nyloned legs. Ripping open multiple holes in her pantyhose, the nylon broke into strands that covered her legs in their spidery webs of tattered fabric.

Bianca pulled at the side of the reinforced gusset, tearing a hole in the nylon crotch and exposing the fleshy lips of her hot pussy, then she slipped a vibrator between the gaping lips of her tight twat and thrust the buzzing object deep inside and climaxed in her ripped nylon pantyhose.

See dirty bitch Bianca masturbating in her ripped nylon pantyhose in this (162 images) photo set and video – ‘Tight Hose Turn On’ at Pantyhosed 4u

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