Lucy Zara Stripteases And Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings Video

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Jun 152011


Lucy Zara likes to indulge her men, dressing in the sexiest outfits that are guaranteed to draw attention to her fabulous figure and legs in nylon stockings and heels.

She loves to tease them by lifting the hem of her skirt to give a glimpse of what she is wearing underneath, before she strips off her garments until she is down to her lingerie and stockings.

Standing in her heels and bending slightly forward so her arse is firm and rounded in her tight black skirt, Lucy strokes the tapering length of her nyloned leg with one hand.

‘How do my seams look? Do they look nice and straight?’ she asks, tracing her fingers up and down the sexy backseam of her stockinged leg. ‘I bet you’d like to run your hands all the way up them, from my toes to the top of my stockings’.

Lucy’s hands entice arousal as she lovingly caresses her legs in silky soft nylons, smoothing the little wrinkles that form about the backs of her knees with each delicate sweep of her fingers.

‘Is your cock getting nice and hard for me?’ she inquires, as she bends forward, raising the hem of her skirt to show she is wearing a black girdle underneath.

‘I’d like you to rub your hard cock right up the seam of my stockings, would you like that?’ she says, bending even further so the metal suspender clasps tug tightly at the tops of her sexy nylons.

Slipping off her skirt to reveal her lovely curves, Lucy poses in her heels to give a perfect view of her shapely legs to great effect.

‘Is your cock getting real hard for me now, yeah?’ She asks, smoothing her hands over her firm girdled ass and the tops of her stockinged thighs. ‘Well, if your playing I think it’s only fair that I join you.’

Spreading her stockinged legs as she reclines on the chaise lounge, Lucy inserts a gold vibrator up her pink pussy, working it up her lubricated hole until she reaches an explosive orgasm.

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Lucy Zara – ‘Gusset Pleaser, Tootsie Teaser’ In Sheer Nylon Pantyhose

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Apr 302011


‘Hello pantyhose fans, I thought I’d treat you and put on an extra special pair today,’ says Lucy Zara, her hand stroking the exposed area of her pantyhose thigh, just below the short hemline of her black lace party dress.

Lucy introduces us to her favorite Wolford pantyhose, bending to give us a rear view of her pantyhosed ass which is naked underneath her hose.

‘I’ve got no knickers on,’ she confesses, ‘so you can just imagine what my pussy is doing underneath, can’t you!’

Sitting with legs crossed, Lucy’s hands caress them gently, causing the nylon to whisper with every sweep of her fingertips.

‘Mmm, I love sexy shoes,’ she says, dangling one of her heels off the end of her nyloned toes, ‘especially when I wear them with my irresistible pantyhose.’

Busty Lucy then slowly strips out of her lacy mini dress, and then teases you by hiding her pussy behind the pantyhose gusset panel.

She soon has her hands down the front of her pantyhose, giving you a close up view as she plays with her pussy, with just a sheer layer between you and her juicy pussy.

Making sure you see everything as she masturbates for your pleasure, Lucy slips a vibrator up her cunt and climaxes in her pantyhose.

For her finale, Lucy seductively peels off her pantyhose, then invites you to jerk off and spunk all over her naked toes!

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Feb 232011

lucy zara big tit blonde model in seamed nylon stockings and suspenders video at vintageflash

Lucy’s huge boobs were straining for release from the closed constriction of her tight fitting blouse. So she stripped it off and let her volouptous breasts hang free, tweaking the nipples and cupping the bare flesh in her hands.

Bending forward to show off the fabulous curves of her sexy round ass clothed in her tight skirt, she playfully ran her hands up her nylon stockinged leg.

‘I thought I’d dress up nice and sexy for you,’ she said, as she climbed onto the bed, ‘because I know you love my nylons.’

Lucy traced her fingers up the line of the backseam of her coffee colored nylons covering her long sexy legs. ‘Make sure my seams are straight, will you?’ She asked. ‘They have to be extra straight, right up to the top’.

Then kneeling, Lucy hiked up her skirt saying, ‘I want to show you something really special’. Pulling the skirt higher she revealed she was wearing white nylon panties . ‘I knew you’d love them, the way they are so sheer and see-through, you can see my pussy.’

Lucy put on a fine show as she put her arse in the air and felt her pussy through the sheer white gossamer of her nylon panties.

Then stripping right down, she paraded her legs and feet in her full-fashioned stockings. ‘I’ll bet you’d like to be down there, caressing my feet and giving them a really nice massage,’ she said, as she offered her nyloned soles for inspection.

Lucy was so turned on by the feel of her nylons and her sexy stocking talk, she ended by fingering her moist cunt and climaxing in an ass up frigging session!

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Lucy Zara Says ‘Relax With Me’ In Lingerie & Nylon Stockings

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Jan 232011

lucy zara hot blonde glamour milf with big tits in stockings and suspenders

Lucy is feeling relaxed and sexy in her glamorous lingerie, French RHT nylon stockings and fluffy mules as she reclines on the bed.

She’s so pleased with those stockings you sent her, which she loves to wear as they make her legs look fabulous and feel so sexy and feminine against her skin.

‘I hope you are feeling horny, because I am,’ she says, as she caresses the outline of her figure, and shows you how hot she looks in her naughty lingerie. ‘I thought I’d wait for you first, as I wanted to see what you thought of my sexy underwear.’

Taking off her mules, Lucy Zara shows you her feet encased in her nylon reinforced toe and heel stockings.

‘Is that making you sexy, wanting to touch and feel them?’ She asks, laying back on the bed and tracing her fingers over the crotch of her panties. ‘Ooh, I love to play with my pussy through my panties!’

Having invited your attention with her classy lingerie, long legs and ample bosom, Lucy Zara offers you her nyloned feet for you to kiss and worship.

Putting her stockinged feet right up close to your face, she builds the sexual tension as she encourages you to massage her nylon soles.

Getting into a variety of positions so you see everything she is doing, Lucy Zara masturbates in her stockings and suspenders as she asks you to rub your cock up against her nylons.

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Lucy Zara Bedroom Seductress Wanking In Seamed Stockings

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Sep 062010

lucy zara vintageflash stockings blonde

Lucy Zara is seductively prowling in the bedroom, looking very sexy in her vampy figure hugging dress, and she wants you to sit down bedside her so she can show you her stockings.

Lucy is determined to wank your throbbing cock between her the fingers of her black lacy gloves.

‘I’d bet you’d love for me to play with you in them,’ she asks as she rubs her nyloned fingers together and makes the material crackle. ‘I could wank you off in nylon gloves, you’d love that wouldn’t you?’

Lucy is keen to get started and swiftly strips off her dress down to her lace merry widow corset, black seamed stockings and 6 inch stiletto heels.

Sprawling on the bed Lucy uses her nylon gloved fingers to rub her clitoris and make herself even wetter between the legs. Then she teases her gaping pussy with her crystal dildo, before flinging those long sexy legs apart to frig herself to a shuddering orgasm.

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Lucy Zara Is Dressed For Your Pleasure In Nylon Stockings & Heels

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Aug 102010

Lucy Zara Seamed Nylons White Garter Belt

Lucy Zara is dressed just to please you in her finest summer dress, stockings, heels and gloves, looking both elegant on top, and downright raunchy underneath!

Slim, busty and leggy, Lucy Zara has it all, and it’s all for you… Sexy lace gloves, vintage garter belt with long suspender straps stretching all the way to the tops of her coffee full fashion nylons, sheer panties and red patient leather sling backs with lethal 6″ stiletto heel…

Lucy’s slender, shapely legs, look so elegant in her nylon stockings, and her bust is more than a handful. Stripping out of her dress, Lucy reveals her shapely waist girdled by a vintage garterbelt, with taut garter-straps attached to the tops of her coffee coloured nylons by metal garter clasps.

Letting us see just how a beautiful lady in garter and stockings likes to masturbate, Lucy sprawls of the living room floor and fingers her hot snatch for our viewing pleasure.

Watch Lucy Zara as she masturbates for your delectation in her nylons, in this 129 image photo set and full length nylon seduction movie ‘Dressed For Your Pleasure’ at Vintage Flash.

Lucy Zara Loves Cocks Covered In Her Pantyhose

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Jun 082010

Lucy Zara Pantyhose Masturbating


Leggy Lucy Zara is in need of some real pantyhose fetish fucking and all she requires is a guy who loves to have his cock encased in nylon.

Lucy loves seeing a hard cock covered in her nylon pantyhose and told me just how much it turns her on.

‘I like to tease guys by making them sit and watch as I wiggle my pantyhosed arse in front of their faces. They are not allowed to touch me with their hands at all, even when I push my nylon covered ass right in their face and rub my nyloned arse crack over their nose.

‘When I tell them to start playing with their cocks, I make sure they get a good sniff of my pantyhose crotch as I rub it in their face, maybe even let them give my pussy a little lick through the nylon mesh.

‘Then I get them to watch as I strip off my sheer pantyhose and sit patiently as I pull my sexy nylon hose over their throbbing hard cocks.

‘I then like to tease their pricks with my mouth by licking, sucking and blowing their nyloned erections, just bringing them to the point of orgasm and then denying them that pleasure.

‘I continue to tease and deny in this way, until finally they are allowed to empty their balls and soak my pantyhose with their hot sticky cum.

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May 092010


Business lady Lucy is working at her desk, looking very smart in her tight pinstripe skirt, seamed nylon stockings and slinky satin blouse.

Working from home means Lucy can take time to have a play with herself, as it’s not unusual for her to feel sexy wearing stockings and heels.

‘I get carried away when I’m at home… nobody can see me and I can do exactly what I like’, she told me as she ran her hands over nyloned legs.

Lucy stood up and let me have a look at her slender stockinged legs from behind. ‘How do my seams look, do they look straight. We must have straight seams now, mustn’t we?’

Lucy mentioned she is looking for an assistant, as it gets a bit lonely on her own. The person for the job must have an interest in nylons of course, and one of the daily tasks would be to make sure Lucy’s seams are exactly straight.

Showing me, Lucy hiked up her tight pinstripe skirt revealing she was wearing a white garter belt, then turned and lifted one leg so it was stretched out on the top of the desk. The webbing of her suspenders stretched to the tops of her lovely toning nylons, where I could clearly see the suspender-garter clasp fixed exactly to the top of the seam. Lucy slowly traced her fingers up the nylon line along the back of her leg, right up to the top of her stockings.

She was wearing no panties, and noticing I was looking at her pussy, her hand went between her legs as she started to play with her luscious cunt. Then she turned  back around and pulled her bra cups down over her large round tits, which are some of the best I’ve seen.

Slowly pulling her skirt down, the curves of her splendid ass looked so tempting in her sexy vintage garter belt that stretched half-way over her buttocks. It was an amazing sight, and I could see her new assistant would certainly have their hands full.

New applicants, please view Lucy’s video before you apply for the position of ‘nylon stocking assistant’,  here at Vintage Flash.

Frankie and Lucy Zara – Ladies At Play In Nylons!

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Feb 282009

Lucy and Frankie enjoy lesbian play in their nylon stockings in this movie at Vintage Flash
These two elegant ladies, dressed in their finest clothes and seamed nylon stockings, have a lot of fun together in our latest sexy stockings movie from Vintage Flash.

Lucy and Frankie enjoy each others company, especially when they are dressed up in their finest clothes, nylons and heels. Together, they run their hands over each others’ stockinged legs, feeling them up and admiring their lovely nylons.

Lucy licks Frankie’s leg and strokes them with her hands covered in her black opera gloves. ‘I like it when you lick my leg’, says Frankie, ‘..feels warm, wet…feels really nice’.

Lucy then helps Frankie out of her dress, revealing her lingerie corset with thin garter straps that stretches right down to where they are attached to her seamed nylons.

The girls briefly kiss and Lucy moves her hands over Frankie’s exposed ass, stroking the backs of her thighs and stockinged legs with the tips of her finger nails.

Both ladies become aroused by their actions, and opening her thighs Frankie has no problem when she suggests that Lucy go down on her. Lucy puts her head down and immediately starts licking Frankie’s shaven cunt, her tongue rapidly darting, flicking over Frankie’s exposed labia.

Lucy continues to excite her friend, caressing her nipples and thighs, while Frankie diddles a finger over her own clitoris. Together their breathing becomes ever more excited as they indulge in their passionate lesbian lust.

Lucy then removes her dress and reveals she is wearing a black satin corset that supports and pushes up her huge breasts. Frankie gets to work on Lucy’s huge norks, scooping out those fleshy globes from the cups of Lucy’s black satin corset, and nibbling on her friend’s fabulous teats.

Both ladies then sensually remove and exchange stockings and put them on their own legs. As they exchange each others’ stockings they sniff them, savoring their friend’s sexy perfume, then rubbing the removed stockings over their cunts before rolling them up and over their own legs.

Both ladies end the session with masturbation and licking their cunts in a 69 nine position.

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