Mar 152012

Michelle Thorne Naughty Schoolgirl Uniform Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Wank Video At Vintageflash

Michelle Thorne visits the park and masturbates on the bench in her panties, nylon stockings and suspenders in this video at VF Academy.

Miss Thorne went to the park after college to catch up on some of her homework, but found our horny janitor from the Academy was there with his camera, trying to look up her skirt.

‘What are you are looking at, you dirty old pervert,’ Michelle said, noticing our resident perv sitting opposite her with his video cam set to record. ‘I bet it’s my stocking tops you’re looking at, isn’t it.’

Feigning disapproval and disbelief at first, Michelle realizes she has the opportunity to be a dirty girl and begins to tease our voyeur.

‘Is that what you wanted to see is it…  the tops of my stockings?’ She asked, sliding the hem of her skirt up to give a tantalizing view of her stockings and suspenders. Then moving one foot up onto the bench, Michelle opened her stockinged legs to give a full view of her panties and began to rub her hand over the tight crotch covering her pussy.

‘Go on look up my skirt, you pervert,’ Michelle said, pulling her panties to one side and exposing the juicy lips of her cunt. ‘This is what I do when I masturbate in bed at night,’ she teased, her fingers massaging the folds of her pussy and the throbbing head of her clitoris.

Kneeling on the bench with her pussy and firm round ass fully exposed, Michelle’s fingers worked rapidly as she wanked herself off to a satisfying orgasm while being watched.

Click here to watch Michelle wanking in the park in her nylon stockings and suspenders in this (90 image) photo set and video at VF Academy


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