Mar 052019
Chloe Toy masturbates in suspenders, RHT nylon stocking and sexy stiletto heels at

Chloe Toy relaxes in her lounge chair and masturbates in pink suspenders, silver grey nylon stockings and sexy stiletto heels at

Chloe Toy relaxes in a lounge chair and teases in her leopard print sweater, showing off her alluring legs in silver grey RHT nylons stockings and stilettos. She strips off her retro-outfit revealing a pink bra and garter-belt, then pulls down her sheer nylon panties and massages her shaved pussy.

Chloe reclined in her lounge chair enjoying the plush upholstery and soft covering that felt so sensuous under the touch of her fingertips. She stretched out her beautiful legs and drew back the skirt, the open side split revealing a glimpse of suspenders and the shiny tops of her nylon stockings.

‘Is looking at my legs through the side slit of my skirt turning you on?’ Chloe smiled at the effect of her little tease and caressed her beautiful legs in their shimmering grey stockings. ‘How about I tease you a bit more by stripping out of this vintage attire.’

Chloe knelt in the chair, unbuttoned her leopard print cardigan and stripped it off to reveal her pretty pink bra. She fondled her breasts through the satin cups, then slipped the bra straps down her arms and snapped open the catch at the back. She teased a while, holding the loosened bra over her chest, then stripped it away and caressed the naked flesh of her perky breasts.

Chloe stood and unzipped the back of the skirt, then turned and slipped it over the pert cheeks of her arse sheathed in the diaphanous fabric of her sheer nylon panties.

‘Look at the sweet ass of mine in my see-through nylon panties,’ Chloe smiled and looked back, bending over so her white garter straps stretched and strained on the shimmering tops of her shiny nylons. ‘Watch me run my hands all over the sexy sheer material of these panties,’ she said, caressing her buttocks through the transparent layer of nylon that covered her arse.

Chloe stepped out of the skirt, reclined in the chair and fondled her tits while rubbing her pussy through the crotch of her panties. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic waist, tugged the panties from under herself and stripped them down her long legs and over her stiletto heels. ‘There we go,’ she said, discarding the panties, ‘all good and ready for some naughty fun.’

Chloe sighed pleasurably and lay back in the chair with her legs open wide, caressing her naked tits while massaging the mound of her shaved pussy.

‘Imagine flipping me over and sliding your cock deep inside of me,’ Chloe suggested provocatively, eyes sparkling with desire as she pleasured her cunt with her hand. ‘That’s it, watch me get turned on and ready for you,’ she sighed, fingers rubbing vigorously against her pussy and opening the pink lips in invitation.

Watch Chloe Toy masturbating in her suspenders, stockings and stilettos videos

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