Aug 142018
Sophia Smith shows her hairy pussy and gives a sexy leg tease in nylon stockings at Vintage Flash

Seductive Sophia Smith shows her semi-shaved pussy and gives a sexy leg and foot tease in black RHT nylon stockings

Sophia Smith has invited you over to her place so she can share her secret with you. Wonder what it is? Stripteasing in seductive lingerie she shows off her legs and feet in RHT nylons stockings, encouraging you to wank over her trim-haired pussy in her latest video – ‘A direct hit, cum wise’.

‘Please don’t think I’m promiscuous, but I’m not wearing any panties,’ Sophia said, sitting on the couch and opening her legs to give a flash of her bare naked pussy. ‘You don’t mind do you?’ she asked needlessly, leaning forward and stroking her hands over her knees and down her legs in their black stockings and sexy ankle-strap heels.

‘Have you ever seen such beautiful nylon stockings before,’ Sophia said, pulling up the dress and stretching out her long legs across the couch. ‘I love the way they wrinkle at the back of my knees and around my ankles,’ she said, running her fingers over the slight wrinkles in her nylons and attentively straightening the stocking tops around her thigh.

Sophia reached to unbuckle the strap of her shoe and her legs opened to reveal her semi-shaved pussy.

‘Look at the curve of my soles and how these patent heels dangle from my toes,’ Sophia said, lifting one leg and letting her heel swing from her toes. ‘Why don’t you, come and give these gorgeous feet a rub?’ she suggested, removing the shoe and extending her leg to give a close up of the sole of her foot. ‘I’ve heard you’re very good with your hands; so warm them up and give my feet a massage.’

Sophia slipped off her other shoe then lifted her legs and brought her feet together to show the stockinged soles, flexing her toes in their covering of sheer nylon.

‘Mmm, that does feel amazing.’ Sophia murmured pleasurably, sliding the sole of one stockinged foot along the shin of her extended leg. ‘Give those toes a good rub for me,’ she said, massaging her fingers into the sole of her foot. ‘Then maybe you could just slide your hands up my stockinged legs,’ she smiled suggestively, drawing her hands over her legs and smoothing out the wrinkled nylon of her stockings.

Watch seductive Sophia Smith stripteasing in her lingerie and stockings video

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