Nov 152017
Slutty brunette wanking in double layers of white nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

Slutty brunette Tammie Lee wanks in her double layers of white nylon pantyhose in her latest video at Pantyhosed 4u

Tammie Lee looks super hot in her white lace top, double layers of nylon pantyhose, and sexy stiletto heels. Enjoy seeing her stripping off the top layer of nylon to get at her pussy through the open crotch of the underlying pair, and brazenly masturbate with her legs and pussy spread wide open.

‘Do I look like a virgin girl all in dressed in white?’ Tammie spoke facetiously and posed in her all-white outfit, her boobs thrusting from under her frilly lace top, her shapely round ass and long legs encased in nylon hosiery. ‘I’m a very filthy girl and definitely not a virgin,’ she continued, a lascivious smile on her face, ‘and I like to be fucked really hard in pantyhose.’

Tammie sat on the sofa and crossed her legs, reaching down to her ankle and drawing her hand over the layer of white nylon covering her legs and up to her thighs.

‘I’m not wearing one pair of pantyhose, but two pairs and the ones underneath are crotch-less,’ she whispered as if telling a secret, opening her legs and rubbing her fingers over the white gusset patch that covered her pussy. ‘That means you can stick your cock right in that pussy, through these pantyhose,’ she said suggestively, gesturing with her hand as though it were wrapped around the girth of her thick cock aimed at her cunt. ‘Yes, you could run your hands all over my pantyhose and push my legs back while you fuck me!’

‘Do me a favour, unzip those trousers and get your cock out!’ Tammie said, sitting upright and pulling down the front of her top to uncover her pendulous tits. ‘Wank it nice and slowly whilst you’re staring at me, looking very sexy in my pantyhose,’ she said, placing her hands around her tits and pushing them together around the long white necklace hanging between her cleavage.

‘I want to suck your cock later and put my red lipstick all over it,’ Tammie smiled and stripped off her top to allowed her boobs to swing free. ‘Imagine your cock right in between those gorgeous tits, as I lick the end of it like a slut,’ she said, pressing her boobs together with her forearms and bending her head, she stuck out her tongue and it flickered as if she were teasing the tip of bulging cock.

‘My, I’m getting wet!’ Tammie exclaimed, feeling her pussy through the warm, damp crotch of her pantyhose. ‘Let me get my hands down there and see how wet I really am?’ She pushed one hand down the inside of her pantyhose and felt her moist pussy under the opaque nylon gusset.

‘Oh, gosh! Tammie Lee is dripping wet!’ She gasped loudly, thrusting her hips as she finger fucked her sopping wet cunt under the stretchy nylon of her pantyhose. ‘Oh, I can’t wait for you to slip your cock inside me, my pussy feels so tight.’

Watch horny brunette Tammie Lee wanking in her nylon pantyhose at Pantyhosed 4u


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