Jul 142017

Seductive red-headed landlady Alexa Red stripteases and masturbates in her black girdle, nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Sharing a house with a gorgeous red-haired landlady like Alexa can be problematic. Especially when she’s always wearing fully-fashioned stockings and stiletto heels around the place. It can drive a man crazy with desire, living with such a sexy housemate. Having discovered you’ve been collecting her personal items, which she found in your room, she in none too pleased. She has decided to put a stop to your surreptitious activities by giving you a striptease to relieve your sexual tensions, once and for all.

‘If this carries on, I can’t continue to have you living here. So, I’ve come up with an idea that I hope will stop you perving over me.’ Alexa sat on the leather sofa, looking as gorgeous as ever in a black lace top, red pencil skirt, stockings and heels. ‘I’ve got on some very nice underwear underneath my nice clothes, which I’m going to show you today. Maybe you’ll get carried away as you pleasure yourself over me, then hopefully that will get everything out of your system.

‘How about I talk you through some of the stuff I’m wearing, starting with my shoes.’ Alexa reached down to her ankle and carefully slipped off one heel, then held it up in front of her face, looking at it closely. ‘They are very sexy, aren’t they?’ She examined her patent leather shoe, sliding one finger up and down the long spike of the stiletto heel. ‘I bet you enjoy watching me walk about the house in these, looking at my beautiful legs, all nice and long.’

Alexa replaced the shoe on her foot and stood up to give an appraisal of her seductive outfit, caressing the outline of her figure through her lace top and tight pencil skirt.

‘Can you see my bra under my lacy top? That’s right, I am wearing a bullet bra underneath.’ Alexa stood sideways to give a better view as she stroked her boobs through her black lace top. ‘Of course, my fully-fashioned nylons are a big turn on for you, aren’t they?’ Alexa turned to give a view of her legs in their seamed stockings and shiny leather stilettos. ‘I’m sure I found some of my stockings in your room. I bet you’ve been sniffing and pleasuring yourself with them, haven’t you?’

Alexa smoothed the material of the tight fitting skirt around the curve of her ass and turned to face forward. ‘My tight pencil skirt, does fit well, doesn’t it? I like the lining too, as it feels so silky when I rub it against my stockings.’ She lifted the hem of her skirt, to reveal the silky inner lining, then placing her hands over her thighs, rubbed the slinky material against her stockinged legs. ‘And I’m wearing a nice girdle under here… An open bottom one.’ She teased, knowing that would be of particular interest. ‘I’ll show you that soon, because like I said, we need to get all of this out of your system.’

Watch seductive landlady Alexa Red stripteasing in her girdle, stockings and heels at Vintage Flash


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