Apr 282017

Sophia Delane enjoys a dirty weekend in her suspenders, nylon stockings and stiletto heels at Vintage Flash

Sophia Delane is all dressed up in her sexy outfit, under which she is wearing tantalizing underwear and seductive stockings, in preparation for a dirty weekend. The sensation of her erotic attire against her body makes her feel so horny, she can’t wait for her man to arrive and decides to play with her pussy.

‘I’ve got myself all dressed up, waiting for you to get here and have your wicked weekend away with me,’ Sophia says, sitting on the edge of the bed all dolled up in a tight fitting top, pencil skirt and heels. ‘Oh, yes. I am feeling very horny, can you tell?’ Sophia giggles, pulling back the hem of her skirt and sliding her hands up her legs in their brown nylons. ‘I’m not sure I can wait for you to arrive, so I may have to have a naughty play with myself,’ she smiles naughtily and pulls up her top, revealing a white full-cup bra supporting her ample bosom.

‘Well, as we’re having  dirty weekend, what else can we do to make it even dirtier?’  Sophia says and leaning forward she juggles her boobs so her cleavage wobbles inside the white cups of her lacy bra. ‘Maybe get out these nice bouncy tits. I bet you’d love a nice tit wank, wouldn’t you?’ she says, removing the bra and squeezing the soft flesh of her boobs in her pliable fingers.

‘Just imagine putting your cock right between that cleavage and fucking my nice big tits,’ she says suggestively, pushing and lifting her boobs up and down as if wanking a cock between the soft mounds. ‘Fuck your cock in and out of my mouth, then rub that firm bell end over my nipples,’ she murmurs, bending her head and opening her mouth, she licks her boobs with the tip of her tongue.

Sophia strips off her skirt, lays back on the bed and pulls her panties down her legs, leaving them stretched around her ankles and heels. She lifts her legs to strips off her panties, then opens them wide and exposes the smooth mound her shaved pussy.

‘Look at those soft velvety lips, ready to take that firm cock of yours,’ Sophia says, opening her legs wider and spreading the lips of her wet pussy with her fingers. ‘Imagine pushing your dick in and out of my horny little hole, teasing the tip of your prick against my soft pink lips,’ she moans pleasurably, circling her fingers over the hood of her throbbing clitoris. ‘Do you like watching me teasing my clit while you rub you hard cock? I’d love to have your face between my legs, lapping at my pussy and licking my arse. Just the thought of it is making me feel so horny.’

Watch horny brunette Sophia Delane stripteasing and masturbating in her nylon stockings at Vintage Flash


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