Apr 252017

Secretary Beth Bennett stripteases in her open bottom girdle and seamed nylon stockings in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Secretary Beth is dressed in her sexiest outfit in the hope she will impress the boss at her job interview.  Seeking our opinion of her attire, she performs a striptease in her vintage underwear and has time to play with her favourite sex toy.

‘Do you think it will help me get the job? I assume it’s a man interviewing me, so I may as well play up my assets.’ Beth smiles, standing and posing in her tight fitting top, ass hugging pencil skirt and matching yellow stiletto heels. ‘What do I have on underneath? Well, I’m wearing a matching bullet bra and open-bottom girdle, as I feel it’s important to feel sexy underneath my clothes,’ she says, bending and swaying her ass so the outline of her girdle shows through the material of her tight skirt. ‘Would you like a sneaky look?’

Beth strips off her top to reveal a yellow, lace bullet bra with satin half cups supporting her ample boobs. Unzipping the back of her skirt, it slips over the curve of her arse, clad in a genuine 1960s patterned, semi-sheer girdle. She runs her hands over her buttocks, bound in the patterned elastane of the girdle and the short suspenders stretching over her thighs pull on the shiny tops of her seamed nylons.

‘Let me slip off my heels and wriggle my toes about,’ Beth says, sitting herself down on the sofa and slipping off her heels. Lifting her legs and rubbing them together, she flexes her toes and points her dainty feet clad in their reinforced nylon stockings. ‘I’m not wearing any knickers, as I thought none would be better than a mismatching set. Do you want to judge for yourself?’ Beth opens her legs to give a flash of her naked pussy. ‘See, none at all,’ she giggles, putting her hand between her thighs to touch her pussy and quickly closing them again.

‘Actually, I’ve got this glass toy right here,’ Beth smiles, producing a dildo and holding it up in front of her face, then licks the shaft and sucks the bulbous end with her soft, red lips. Spreading her legs, her mouth opens wide as she slides the dildo over her clitoris and pushes it between the soft wet lips of her pussy.

Beth squirms her girdled ass against the seat, gasping with pleasure as she plunges the dildo deep inside her hot pussy. Her legs raised and held together, she encloses her wrist between her thighs and stirs the dildo around her creamy cunt and masturbates to climax in her girdle and stockings.

Watch blonde secretary Beth stripping and masturbating in her girdle and stockings at Vintage Flash

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