Dec 272016

Saucy brunette Tiffany Black stripteases and masturbates in white suspenders and brown RHT nylon stockings in her début video at Vintage Flash

‘This is my first video and I’m really excited to get my pussy out for you,’  Tiffany says, sitting on the sofa with her suspenders and stockings showing below the helm of her black dress.

‘What I’m wearing for you today is a white suspender-belt and full, black satin panties.’ Tiffany lifts the dress and plays with the taut suspender straps, attached by metal clasps to the tops of her brown stockings. ‘I can feel I’m getting wet already,’ she says excitedly, sliding her hand over the front of her knickers and feeling the moist warmth of her pussy through the satin crotch.

Tiffany pulls down the top of the dress, revealing the white, pretty bra, holding her tits firmly in place. She turns and slides the dress over her the shiny black panties covering her ass cheeks, down her stocking clad legs and over her red stiletto heels. Releasing the bra catch, she strips it away and uplifts and squeezes her tits together in her hands, grabbing the soft flesh between her fingers and making the nipples even harder.

‘I’m nervous about showing my pussy for the first time, I’ve never got it out on camera before,’ Tiffany remarks, standing sideways as she slides her thumbs around the elastic waist of her panties. Slowly, she pulls down her knickers and they snag on the metal clips of her suspender-straps as she draws them over her thighs and down her stockinged legs.

‘I hope your dick is nice and hard for me,’ Tiffany says, sitting on the sofa with her hand feeling the moistness of her excited pussy, between her closed thighs. She slowly opens her legs and reveals her beautiful, shaved pussy, framed by the webbing of her suspenders attached to her stocking tops. ‘Let me spread my pussy lips for you,’ she says, her fingers opening the moist, pink lips of her cunt, glistening wetly with her flowing juices as she begins to masturbate.

Watch Tiffany Black stripping and masturbating in her suspenders and stockings video at Vintage Flash


What our members are saying about Tiffany Black in this video:
Thom*** says: Fantastic debut for Tiffany. Can’t wait to see more of her.
eddy*** says: Wow, superb début…. More soon please!!
divad*** says: A lovely début from Tiffany, she looks amazing in VF attire and has such beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile, can’t wait for more.
Road*** says: How tantalizing Tiffany looks as she “unwraps” herself for the first time on VF. She has a stunning figure, but also possesses that 50’s and 60’s look which is so sexy! Awesome!

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