Feb 242016
Sexy Blonde Babe Showing Her Hairy Pussy In Pink Nylon Pantyhose Video at Pantyhosed4u

Sexy blonde fashion model Vanessa Scott teases and masturbates in her pink nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

Sexy blonde Vanessa Scott parades and teases in her colorful fashion dress, pink pantyhose and stiletto heels. Enjoy watching her play with her hairy pussy under the tantalizingly sheer nylon of her hosiery in her first explicit pantyhose video.

‘I don’t usually do shoots like this as I’m a fashion model, but I’ve been persuaded to give it a try,’ Vanessa said, looking fabulous in her sexy cutaway dress that showed a bit of flesh around her middle. ‘So, I’m wearing these pink tights I brought along from one of my fashion shows, as I’m going to be doing a pantyhose video for you today,’ she said, showing off her shapely legs in her colored pantyhose and complementary purple, open-toe stiletto heels.

Vanessa pulled the back of her dress up and over the sweet round cheeks of her sexy ass, all nicely sheathed in pink. ‘Do you like the way they cover my bum?’ she asked, looking over her shoulder with a saucy smile. ‘I’m getting excited wearing these, they feel very nice,’ she smiled, her hand caressing the curve of her firm buttocks encased in their layer of clingy nylon.

Vanessa sat and opened her legs to reveal the hairy bush of her pussy, visible through the sheer nylon of her hose. ‘I like how you can see my hair through the tights, it makes me feel quite turned-on,’ she said, pulling up the front of her pantyhose so the crotch stretched over the mound of her hairy cunt.

Vanessa stripped out of her dress to reveal her gorgeous all natural breasts, then turned and pushed both hands down the rear of her pantyhose. ‘Can you see how excited I’m getting?’ she spoke softly, spreading her buttocks and slipping  one hand between her thighs to run her fingers along the moist slit of her pussy under the sheer nylon of her hosiery.

Sitting once more, Vanessa opened her legs and her hand moved under the stretchy sheer nylon of her hose as she began to masturbate. Her breath quickened, her fingers rubbing the head of her throbbing clitoris and the petals of her juicy pussy gaping apart as she frigged herself off to a lush, pantyhose climax.

Watch sexy blonde fashion model Vanessa Scott teasing and masturbating in her pink nylon pantyhose video at Pantyhosed 4u

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