May 222015
Horny Slut In White Lingerie and Tan Nylon Stockings Pulling Pulling Her Knickers Down For You at Vintage Flash

Samantha Bentley pulls down her panties and masturbates to climax in her suspenders, stockings and heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash

Samantha just got back from a day at the races, where she drew a lot of attention in her sexy dress, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and slingback heels. Her vintage attire attracted a girl who gave her compliments and together they enjoyed a sexy lesbian encounter in the VIP lounge bathroom…

‘I was with my friends and there was this one girl who really liked my outfit and couldn’t keep her eyes off me,’ Samantha said, sitting on the sofa in her pretty dress, gently caressing her legs in their tan nylon stockings. ‘So we went to the ladies bathroom together, where I let her take off my dress, and she ran her hands over my stockinged thighs and felt my pussy through my panties,’ she smiled, opening her legs to show her suspenders, tan stockings and hairy pussy through the front of her sheer nylon panties. ‘So I started to kiss her and she ran her hands down the inside of my stockings, then kissed my pussy through my panties, until I was dripping wet.’

Samantha stood and stripped off her dress as she recalled how her new friend grabbed her tits through her white lace bullet bra, then pulled down the cups and played with her erect nipples. ‘She took off my bra, put it in my mouth and gagged me with it so I wouldn’t make any noise,’ Samantha said, pulling the bra tight between her hands and showing how it was used to keep her quiet. ‘When she went down and pulled my panties to one side to lick my pussy, I couldn’t make a sound because of my bra gag.’

Samantha hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties and began to ease them over her arse, as she continued her story. ‘She took hold of my panties and slowly pulled them down until they were stretched around my ankles,’ Samantha said, now standing and bending over as she eased her panties over her buttocks and drew them down her stockinged legs. ‘Then she made me spread my feet and buried her face deep in my arse, her tongue licking my clit and thrusting up my sopping wet pussy,’ she said, pulling her buttocks apart and exposing the juicy lips of her hot cunt.

See Samantha masturbating to climax in her suspenders, stockings and heels in this (168 images) photo-set and video at Vintage Flash

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