Mar 132015
Sexy Redhead With Hairy PussyTeasing In Red Lingerie, Nylon Stockings and Heels At Vintageflash

Horny redhead Ella Hughes strips off her leather pencil skirt skirt, and masturbates in her satin lingerie, black nylon stockings and heels in this video at Vintage Flash

Wow! Imagine coming home to find saucy redhead Ella waiting for you dressed in a racy blouse, leather pencil skirt, black stockings and heels. Well here she is all dressed up and ready to put on a tantalizing striptease show for your pleasure…

‘When I’m wearing this as I walk down the street, everybody turns and looks at me,’ Ella said, as she stood posing with her hands around her hips clad in a tight, leather skirt. ‘Every man wants me and every woman wants to be me,’ she added, lifting one leg and rubbing it against the other so the surface of her stockings whispered as they brushed together.  She leaned over and her leather skirt wrapped tight around the cheeks of her arse as her hand followed the seam of her stockings and touched the shiny heels of her stiletto shoes.

Ella unzipped the back of her skirt and bent slightly as it slid it over her ass in black nylon panties and down her legs to the floor. Stepping out of the skirt, she sat  in the comfort of the arm chair and lifted her legs up high, crossing them at the ankles. Her hands ran over the curves of her leg muscles under the layer of soft nylon, the black suspenders stretched taut over the soft, pink flesh of her thighs strained on the black welts of her stockings.

Ella stood and stripped off her leopard print blouse, revealing a red-satin and black lace strapless bra around her chest. She reached behind her back and released the catch, while holding her hands over the cups, then stripped it away. She posed in her lingerie while massaging her breasts and thick, erect nipples and the tuft of pubic hair visible thorough her sheer nylon panties, perfectly framed by the garter-straps attached to her stocking tops. Her thumbs hooked under the soft elastic of her sheer nylon panties and she slowly drew them over her thighs and down her stockinged legs, then sat back in the chair.

‘You want to watch me play?’ She pulled back her legs and opened them wide, then put her hand between her thighs and began to masturbate. She fondled her breasts with one hand and reaching between her thighs with the other, her fingers slipped over the soft, pink lips of her tight, wet pussy. Her hand increased in rhythm as it rubbed her clitoris and her fingers slipped into the juicy folds of her cunt, causing her body to tremble as she reached an intense climax.

See Ella stripteasing in her leather skirt, satin lingerie and black nylon stockings in this (165 images) photo-set and video – ‘Come Home To This’ at Vintage Flash

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